25 ft. Genesis 22-Gauge 4-Conductor (22/4) Wire

Unshielded Stranded Cabling

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Genesis Unshielded Wiring is here for your next low-voltage wiring project. This 22-gauge, 4-conductor wire is easy to work with, making it great for beginners, but it is also being rugged and dependable enough for the experienced installer. Buy this 25-foot length of 22-4 wire here.
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If you need a small bit of wire to finish a project, then consider this 25-foot bag of Genesis 22-Gauge, 4-Conductor (22/4) Wire. Genesis Unshielded and Stranded Cabling is flexible and forgiving, while also being rugged and dependable. We recommend it for both new and experienced installers.

Genesis Wiring is used by all types of installers in low-voltage projects every single day. The Genesis brand is owned by Resideo, a company you can trust to deliver a high-quality product. Whether you are installing a system and/or sensors from Resideo or a different manufacturer, Genesis Cabling will deliver exactly what you need. Installers love this wire for its overall ease of use and exceptional quality.

When shopping for alarm wire, you want to consider the wire thickness. As this is 22-gauge wire, it is slightly thinner than the 18-gauge wiring that is also very commonly used in security system installations. The thinner 22-gauge wire is a bit more flexible, and some installers feel that it is easier to work with. You should keep in mind though that the 22-gauge thickness may not support longer wire runs, particularly when running wire for power, that 18-gauge wire will. This is because thinner wiring loses electrical current at a slightly faster rate.

If you see that alarm wire is listed as "4-Conductor", then you know that there are four (4) smaller wires inside the cable. For this Genesis Wiring, the insulation colors are red, black, white, and green. We recommend using 22-4 wiring with equipment that uses a 4-wire connection. Some examples of such alarm system equipment can include keypads, communicators, and powered sensors like motion detectors and glass break sensors. The wire offered here is made from copper, which is a good material for both data transmissions and power transmissions.

One final thing to be aware of with this wiring is that it is stranded wiring, not solid core wiring. The difference is that the individual conductor wires for stranded wiring are further split up into multiple strands. This makes the wiring more flexible and more forgiving. The reason for this is because even if a few wire strands break off, the connection can still be maintained as intended. However, for solid core cabling, the wire can very easily break off and split, thereby rendering the connection incomplete. In our experience, most installers prefer working with stranded wiring. We also strongly recommend this wire type for new and inexperienced installers who may not perform their own cabling on a regular basis.

If you need a larger quantity of 22-4 wire, then 500-foot boxes and 1,000-foot boxes are also available.


  • Product Type: Alarm Wiring
  • Brand: Genesis by Resideo
  • Thickness: 22-Gauge, 22 AWG
  • Conductors: 4-Conductor (Four Inside Wires)
  • Wire Type: Stranded
  • Stranded or Solid Core: Stranded Wire
  • Shielded or Unshielded: Unshielded
  • Insulation Colors: Red, Black, Green, White
  • Wire Length: 25-Foot Segment

Brand: Genesis

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