500 ft. Genesis WG-11045501

22 gauge 4 conductor (22/4) unshielded stranded cabling

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Genesis Cable is great for DIY users and professional installers. This low-voltage wire can be used in many applications for security systems. This is a 500-foot box of 22-gauge, 4-conductor stranded cabling. Genesis is owned by Resideo. Buy Genesis 22-gauge, 4-conductor 500-foot wire here.

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If you need wire for your alarm system, then you can't go wrong with cabling from Genesis. This is durable and strong stranded wire that can be used in a variety of different scenarios. This particular package of Genesis Cabling is for 500 feet of 22-gauge, 4-conductor stranded wire.

22-gauge wire is slightly thinner than the standard 18-gauge wire most commonly used with alarm systems. Some users might prefer the thinner wire, as it can navigated more easily and fit through more narrow areas. The downside is that thinner wire is less suitable for longer runs. But if you don't plan on maximizing run distance, then 22-gauge wire will work just fine in most cases.

The term 4-conductor refers to the four inner wires that are found inside the main cabling. Most security sensors only use two conductors when connecting with alarm panels. However, there are some devices that need four conductors. A common example is a keypad, which will normally use two wires for power and two wires for data.

You can technically use a 4-conductor wire for a 2-conductor application, but you would have to leave two inner wires disconnected. This can make the installation appear rather sloppy. But it will still work if that's what you have around. The wires are built from copper, which is suitable for both data and power transmissions. The inner wires are colored red, black, white and green.

Note: This is unshielded cabling.

Brand: Genesis

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