500 ft. Genesis WG-11025501 22 gauge 2 conductor (22/2)

unshielded stranded cable

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The Genesis Cable is ideal for most low-voltage applications. This is a 500 foot box of 22-gauge, 2-conductor stranded Genesis Cable. It is great for both self-installations and professional use when setting up alarm systems. Buy the Genesis 500-foot 22-gauge, 2-conductor cable here.
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Genesis Cable is suitable for virtually any low-voltage application. This package includes 500 feet of 22-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cable that can be used in a variety of different ways. Genesis is a Resideo company, but their wires can be used with equipment from nearly any manufacturer.

If you are setting up a hardwired alarm system, you will definitely want to keep some cabling around. You will need to run wires to the various system sensors. This is 22-gauge wire, which is slightly thinner than the standard 18-gauge wire most commonly used with alarm systems. The advantage to using 22-gauge wire is that the thinner wires may be easier to navigate through tight spaces. However, thinner wire is less suitable for longer runs than thicker wires.

The term "2-conductor" means that there are two inner wires. This is best-suited for connecting most hardwired sensors to the panel. But certain devices like keypads will require 4-conductor wire with four inner wires. You can think of 2-conductor wire to be the standard option for completing most connections. The inner wires are built from copper, which is fine for transmissions of data and power. Their insulation colors are black and red.

Note: This is unshielded cabling.

Brand: Genesis

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