500 ft. Genesis WG-11185501 18 gauge 2 conductor (18/2)

unshielded stranded cabling

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This is a 500 foot box of 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cabling from Genesis. This is the standard wire type used with most alarm sensor connections. It is perfect for wiring hardwired sensors to an alarm control panel. Purchase the Genesis 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cabling here.
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Genesis from Resideo is a company known for its high-quality and durable alarm system cabling. This particular offering is for 500 feet of their 18-gauge, 2-conductor stranded cabling. The wiring is suitable for nearly any application, including running wires from sensors to the panel.

Alarm Grid considers 18-gauge to be the standard thickness of wire used in security system installations. It is an extremely versatile thickness that provides a nice balance of flexibility and maximum run distance. Although you can certainly use slightly thicker or thinner wire without issue, 18-gauge is our recommended thickness.

When a wire is 2-conductor, it means that there are two inner wires inside the larger cable. 2-conductor wires are perfect for completing connections between hardwired sensors and alarm control panels. They are also great for connecting panels with their plug-in transformers. However, certain devices like keypads will typically need 4-conductor wire.

The inner wires for Genesis cables are built from copper. This material is great for transmitting both data and power, which makes the wire extremely versatile. The inner wires are black and red. The black wire is commonly used to represent negative, while the red wire usually identifies positive.

Note: This is unshielded cabling.

Brand: Genesis

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