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Honeywell 11 vibration contact

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The Honeywell 11 is a hardwired "vibration contact" or shock sensor. The device is used to detect the physical vibrations associated with an object being broken. The device is great for use on windows, safes and doors that could potentially be broken by intruders. Buy the Honeywell 11 here.


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The Honeywell 11 Vibration Contact is a shock sensor that detects the shockwaves of an object being broken. The device is often placed on doors or windows that an intruder could potentially break down in order to gain unauthorized entry. These sensors are also commonly used on locked safes.

As a Normally Closed hardwired sensor, the Honeywell 11 must be wired directly to the panel or to a compatible wired to wireless converter, like the Honeywell 5800C2W. This is a surface mount vibration contact that will detect the physical shockwaves and vibrations of an object being broken into.

If a window is broken into or a door is broken down, the Honeywell 11 can send an alert to the panel to let it know if one of these structures has been broken into. The device is also commonly placed on protective safes that an intruder might want to open or destroy in order to access the valuable found inside.

The Honeywell 11 can also be used as a sort of "earthquake sensor" for letting the user know about a potential earthquake in the building. When set up with a panel that uses Total Connect 2.0, the user can receive alerts to let them know if an earthquake has occurred while they were away.


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