Honeywell 4229 - 8 Zone Wired Expansion Module with 2 Relays Reviews

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Nice Expansion Module w/ Relays!
Submitted on 08/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 4229 is an 8-zone wired expansion module with two (2) relay outputs. This is a great device to use if you need to add support for additional wired zones to your system, while also adding two extra programmable relay outputs. It is very common to run out of wired zone inputs on a Honeywell VISTA System, so being able to add more with a device like the Honeywell 4229 can be very important. Overall, this is a very useful device with many practical applications. We give the Honeywell 4229 a 5-Star rating.

We have many positive aspects to discuss regarding the Honeywell 4229. The largest benefit is that the module provides eight (8) additional wired zone input terminals for the VISTA System so that the user can add more wired sensors. The two (2) relay outputs are also nice if you need to support a relay-triggered device, such as a siren or a strobe light. Included with the Honeywell 4229 are 2k ohm resistors. The resistors are important for letting the system know if someone tries to cut a sensor from the line.

There are a few downsides to the Honeywell 4229, but they are mostly minor. It is important to understand that the Honeywell 4229 doesn't technically increase the number of zones on a panel. It only adds additional zone input terminals so that more hardwired zones can be used. But you must still keep the total zone limitation for the panel in mind. Life-safety sensors, such as 2-wire smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors, should not be used with the Honeywell 4229, thereby representing another limitation. While resistors are included, wiring is not, so you must provide your own. The module draws some power from the panel. Specifically, it uses 30mA while the relays are inactive, and 100mA with active relays. And that does not include any powered sensors you might have connected with the Honeywell 4229. But really, these downsides aren't anything too serious. They do not stop us from rating the Honeywell 4229 with 5 Stars.

Good: Provides 8 Wired Zone Inputs, 2 Relay Outputs, Includes Resistors

Bad: Doesn't Actually Add More Zones, Does Not Support Life-Safety Sensors, Wiring Not Included, Draws Power From Panel

Bottom Line: 5 Stars