Wired Security System Zone Expanders

Wired security system zone expanders are used to increase the number of wired zones on a hardwired system. Every hardwired system only has a finite number of physical zone terminals. If you want to expand beyond what the main board allows, then you need zone expanders. Buy wired zone expanders here.
Honeywell 4193SNP - Two Zone V-Plex Interface Module
Honeywell 4193SNP
Two Zone V-Plex Interface Module
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Our Price: $14.99
8 Zone Hardwired Expansion Module for PowerSeries NEO
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Our Price: $40.99

Anyone with a hardwired system will likely be using some hardwired sensors. After all, if you are only using wireless sensors, then you may as well have used a wireless panel. The biggest reason to choose a wired system in the first place is so that you can easily add hardwired sensors. And if you run out of zone terminals on your system, then you will need to get a zone expander to get some more.

Remember that the number of zone terminals does not equate to the total number of zones on a hardwired system. Most hardwired systems can support more zones than the number of zone terminals they have built into the board. And it isn't just hardwired sensors that you can use with your wired panel. If you add a wireless receiver, then you can start adding wireless sensors as well. This is great, as wireless sensors are much easier to install. It's not like every sensor on your system needs to hardwired. Many users choose to have a nice mixture of hardwired and wireless sensors.

But if you want to use these "additional zones" with hardwired sensors, then a wired zone expansion module is needed. You can also take up all your system zone slots with hardwired sensors if you get enough zone expanders. Make sure to check the specifications for your system to determine how many total zones your panel can support. And make sure to check how many zones your zone expander adds. It's fair to expect your zone expander to support around eight (8) zones, but check the specs to be sure. Also keep in mind that most zone expanders cannot support zone doubling.

Just to be clear, adding a hardwired zone expander does not increase the total number of zones available. It just adds extra hardwired zone terminals and increases the number of hardwired sensors you can use with the system. Additional zone expanders can continue to be added, as long as you have open zones available. The total number of zones on a hardwired panel is typically much greater than the number of wired zone terminals it has. Review the specifications of you panel to be sure.

You must also make sure that the wired security system zone expanders you use are compatible with your system. In most cases, the zone expander and the panel will be from the same manufacturer. But make sure to check compatibility lists so that you know it will work. You will also want to use end of line resistors (EOLR) with the zones on your hardwired zone expanders so that the system knows if a sensor is ever cut. Multiple hardwired zone expanders may be needed, depending on how large of a security system you plan to set up. A very large hardwired system will use several zone expanders.

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