Honeywell 4229

8 Zone Wired Expansion Module with 2 Relays

Honeywell 4229 8 zone wired expansion module with 2 relays
  • Honeywell 4229 8 zone wired expansion module with 2 relays
  • Honeywell 4229 8 zone wired expansion module with 2 relays circu

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The Honeywell 4229 is an 8 hardwired zone expansion module with two relay outputs for powering external devices. This makes the 4229 Zone Expander perfect for users who want to use external hardwired sirens with their VISTA System. Purchase the 4229 Zone Expansion Module from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell 4229 8 Zone Wired Expansion Module with 2 Relays serves as a convenient multipurpose module for a Honeywell VISTA Panel. It provides terminals for 8 additional hardwired sensors and two relay outputs for providing power to external hardwired electrical devices, such as sirens.

With the Honeywell 4229, you essentially get the same device as a Honeywell 4219 Expansion Module, along with two relay outputs. A user will typically add this module if they run out of zone terminals on the main system board. However, they should keep in mind the maximum number of zones that the system is capable of supporting. For a VISTA 15P, this is 22 hardwired zones. For a VISTA 20P or 21iP, this is 48 hardwired zones.

Each hardwired zone used with the 4229 can be supported by end-of-line resistors (EOLR) or use Normally Closed (NC) wiring. The wiring option can be selected using a configurable Dip Switch on the module. The module comes included with the necessary 2K ohm resistors for EOLR zones. Unused zones do not require resistors. Please note that 2-wire smokes and carbon monoxide sensors should be mounted to the main panel board rather than the 4229 Module.

However, the reason why a user would choose a Honeywell 4229 instead of a standard 4219 Zone Expander is because of the two relay outputs. This way, a user will not need to add a separate relay to control power to external devices. These devices can include hardwired sirens and other equipment that requires a power trigger to activate. The two on-board relays use a wiring harness rather than terminals. For that reason, you must consider wire colors when installing any relay device.

The current draw for the 4229 is 30mA when the relays are inactive, and 100mA once the relays activate. Make sure to accommodate for this and provide enough power for the relays to activate. The contact rating at each relay is 2A at 28 Volts AC or DC. It is impossible to run more current or voltage than that through one of the relays without risking damage to the module.


The relay contacts will handle 2A @ 28VAC or DC (Resistive or Inductive loads).
I checked the Honeywell site and the documentation does not list the relays contact rating ? for either the 4229 or 4204 units What are the voltage and current ratings ?
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