Honeywell 4232CBM

VISTA Home Automation Interface Module

Honeywell 4232cbm vista home automation interface module

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The Honeywell 4232CBM is a home automation system interface module for the VISTA Series alarm control panels. Referred to as the Connecte...
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The Honeywell 4232CBM is a home automation system interface module for the VISTA Series alarm control panels. Referred to as the Connected Building Module, the 4232CBM allows you to tie your VISTA security system in with a variety of third-party home automation controllers such as Control4, Crestron, Savant, Lutron, URC and Key Digital. These systems are connected using the Serial connection with RS232 or RS422 data protocols between the automation system and the alarm panel's ECP bus. For newer Z-Wave controllers without these antiquated serial ports, you may have to source an adapter from DB9 (serial) to USB or whichever connection your controller supports.

The 4232CBM requires RIS (Remote Interactive Service) to be supported and enabled on your VISTA series alarm panel. For example, the VISTA-15P and 20P will need to be revision 9.12 or higher since that is the earliest revision to support RIS. All Revisions of the VISTA-128BPT, V128BPTSIA, FA1660CT, and Rev 10.3+ of the VISTA-250BPT support RIS. All Honeywell panels that support RIS, only support a single RIS device. Since Total Connect 2.0 (interactive app for control and text/email alerts) requires RIS, you cannot setup TC 2.0 and use the CBM with an automation. It is one or the other. You may need to enable RIS in field *91 if not already enabled.

The CBM comes with a 4-wire harness that clips into the board of the device. The other end of harness requires 2 power (terminals 4 and 5) and 2 data (terminals 6 and 7) connections to be landed on the ECP bus on the VISTA panel. Use your panel's wiring diagram to confirm ECP connections.

Since it is an ECP device, it needs to be mapped to an open AUI slot. For example, the VISTA-20P has 4 AUI's on slots 1, 2, 5 and 6. By default, AUI 1 and 2 are enabled and mapped to parameter 1 to offer virtual control to partition 1 on the VISTA panel. We recommend you set the AUI for the CBM to parameter 5 to disable "auto-stay" so you can arm away remotely. You can find this setting in field *189 in panel programming.

Lastly, you will ned to make your serial connection to the home automation system. The CBM offers a DB9 (9-pin serial cable) connection that can be landed directly to a DB9 port on the controller or converted through the use of a third-party adapter.


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