Honeywell 470PB

Wireless Water Sensor Probe

Honeywell 470pb wireless water sensor probe

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A simple probe that works with the 470-12 and the more commonly used 5821. This small unit detects water and will ensure that your home is kept safe from water damage.
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The Honeywell 470PB is a remote water probe for the 5821 wireless temperature sensor and water sensor. It can also be used with the 470-12 wired flood transmitter. Regardless of the setup you choose the 470PB requires a hardwired connection to a flood detector like the 5821 or 470-12. The 470-12 requires a hardwired connection all the way back to the panel; Whereas the 5821 transmits signals received from the water probe wirelessly back to the control panel. When used in conjunction with a transmitter, the 470PB water probe can alert homeowners and business owners of flooding within seconds via central station phone calls and/or text, email and push notifications through an app like Total Connect or To take a step further, there are automated water valves that can be controlled via Z-Wave technology. Maybe your home has a high water table? Setup a rule on your alarm panel to shut off the water after a flood zone is tripped!

When installing the 470PB water probe to your Honeywell 5821 wireless water sensor, make sure to use the included 2.2M ohm resistor (included with the 5821 not with the 470PB probe) for proper water detection. The termination resistor should be installed across the water probe's terminals. You should not use more than 48" of wire to connect the 470PB water probe to your Honeywell 5821 wireless water sensor. If you are using the 470PB water probe with your 5821 wireless sensor, you can not also use the T280R temperature probe. You would need (2) separate 5821 wireless temperature and water sensors if you wanted to use both probes.

Honeywell recently released the FP280 water probe which includes the proper resistor that is already wired in series with a 16.5 foot cable. The 470PB does not include the resistor or any wiring.

The Honeywell 470PB remote water probe will trigger an alarm when both pins are in contact with 1/4" of water for (3) minutes. The water sensor will restore the alarm after no water is in contact with the probe for another (3) minutes.

A water sensor is a great solution for protecting basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, water heaters and/or sump pumps from damage from flooding or water leaks. Broken hoses, burst pipes or faulty appliances can cause catastrophic damage to your home if a water leak goes unnoticed. Not only can the 470PB water sensor help you avoid expensive structural damage, but by detecting the water leak as soon as it happens, you can also prevent dangerous health risks from the resulting mold after a flood. Based on a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, 60% of property claims are caused by faulty indoor appliances or plumbing leaks, 25% are caused by rain or flooding and 11% are caused by sewers and sump pumps. If you already have a monitored wireless alarm system, why not maximize your system's value by adding environmental protection with the 5821 wireless water sensor and the 470PB water probe?


Honeywell specifically states to only use one probe per 5821 transmitter. However you can always run them in parallel and do some testing. Just be sure to use the resistor at the end of the line per the instructions. Check out the FP280 which comes with the resistor and wiring already connected:
Can I wire two of these to one 5821? They could be as close as about one foot away from each other. (I have "pans" under the dishwasher and in the bottom of the adjacent sink cabinet and want an alert if there is water in either pan.) Thanks in advance!
Yes, if you set the Alarm Report to No in the zone programming page for that zone, it will still send a TC2 alert and can still be used for Z-Wave setup without sending an alarm to the central station.
can the 5821 with 470PB be setup on an Lynx Touch L5200 without notifying CS? The defaults for environmental and flood both have notification to CS where I just want to be notified and trigger an event to shut off the source of the flooding.
Yes, that type of wire should work Brett.
Also, we have Robinson's Electric in Philadelphia, MS.
It said 24 volt thermostat wires are 18 awg.
Will 24volt thermostat wire work with Lyric security alarm systems and water probes?
18 to 22 gauge, 2 conductor stranded cabling works best. For longer runs, the thicker 18 gauge is best.
I have a question: I've purchased an environmental flood sensor 5821. What kind of wire is recommended from sensor 5821 to water sensor probe?
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