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Honeywell 5800pir exterior of wireless motion detector

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The Honeywell 5800PIR is a wireless motion detector that detects motion using passive infrared (PIR) technology. The 5800PIR wireless mot...
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The Honeywell 5800PIR is a wireless motion detector that detects motion using passive infrared (PIR) technology. The 5800PIR wireless motion detector senses changes in infrared energy (hot to cold or cold to hot) to trigger an alarm. The detection range of the motion detector is 34' x 40'.

The 5800PIR motion detector has (3) separate programmable loops. The first loop is the default loop. It includes pet immunity up to (80) pounds and has a low sensitivity (pulse count 2). The second loops does not have the pet immunity feature and has a high sensitivity (pulse count 1). The third loop is for an optional low temperature alarm which faults when the temperature in the room drops below 45° F for more than (10) minutes and restores when the temperature rises back over 48° F for (10) minutes. Each loop must be programmed individually and will take up a wireless zone of your home alarm system.

The 5800PIR has (2) different walk test modes. The enroll walk test mode is activated after power up (and initial warm up) or after the sensor cover is opened and closed. The 5800PIR motion detector will transmit alarm signals to the wireless alarm system each time motion is detected. The LED will also flash the relative loop indication. After (10) minutes the enroll walk test mode expires. You can then use the flashlight feature to enter the LED walk test mode. To activate the flashlight feature, you must use a flashlight with a bright light beam and stand within 4' of the 5800PIR. Shine the flashlight across the 5800PIR motion detector's sensor lens 3-5 times. You can then walk test the motion further to determine the best mounting position for optimal detection. The LED will flash and stay on for (3) seconds if you are currently testing the first loop. If you are testing the second loop, the LED will blink rapidly for (3) seconds each time the 5800PIR is triggered. Each time you use the flashlight feature, the 5800PIR loop/sensitivity will change and the walk test (10) minute timer will restart. This allows you to test the 5800PIR for both sensitivity levels. The 5800PIR LED will flicker rapidly for (3) seconds each time a loop/sensitivity change is made or when the walk test mode has ended. The flashlight feature is only available for (24) hours after initial power up. To activate the flashlight feature any other time, you must open the 5800PIR to set off a tamper alarm. The flashlight feature will then be available for (2) hours to allow for motion detection verification after original installation.

The 5800PIR wireless motion detector has a PIR supervision feature. The motion detector internally checks its PIR circuit once every (10) minutes. If the self test fails (6) times consecutively, the 5800PIR LED will blink once every (5) seconds and stops sending RF supervision signals to the wireless alarm system. If the condition exceeds the control panel's RF supervision time, a RF supervision trouble will be generated. A subsequent detection of a valid PIR signal will automatically clear the trouble internally and the 5800PIR will return to normal operation. If the trouble doesn't clear on its own, you should remove and reinstall the motion detector's battery. If this does not solve the problem, you should replace your 5800PIR wireless motion detector.


Okay, that was probably just the 10 minute walk test mode then. I'm glad to hear it's working as expected now.
Sure enough, it went to standby mode after a while. Thanks.
It should only show activated when it's sensing motion (assuming it's not still in the walk test mode which happens for 10 minutes after it's powered on).
How long will this sensor show as ACTIVATED in the GC3 once it has been activated?
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