Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE

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Honeywell 5800zbridge z wave controller

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The Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE is a Z-Wave® controller for home automation that provides intelligent energy management. As a member of the Hon...
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The Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE is a Z-Wave® controller for home automation that provides intelligent energy management. As a member of the Honeywell 5800 series, the wireless 5800ZBRIDGE is compatible with all Honeywell LYNX security systems and any Honeywell VISTA Series security system that has been upgraded with the 6150RF or 6160RF keypad with integrated wireless receivers or the 5883H wireless receiver.

The 5800ZBRIDGE Z-Wave controller is activated when you arm or disarm your Honeywell home security system. When you arm your system to the Armed Away mode, the 5800ZBRIDGE will turn off any Z-Wave enabled lights and will also set back the temperature of any Z-Wave thermostat to for energy management. When you arm the Honeywell system to the Armed Stay mode, any Z-Wave enabled lights will automatically turn on and your Z-Wave enabled thermostat will enter the run mode. Finally, when you disarm your home security system, Z-Wave enabled lights will turn on and all Z-Wave thermostat setbacks will be released. The 5800ZBRIDGE is an excellent energy management device that will continue to save you money on your home energy bill as long as it is installed.

The Honeywell Z-Wave controller will work with up to (4) Z-Wave modules. You can use any combination of Z-Wave enabled lighting devices or thermostats. While the Honeywell Z-Wave controller will function with any Z-Wave device, we recommend the Honeywell ZWSTAT as the best choice for a Z-Wave thermostat. The wireless range between the 5800ZBRIDGE and the Honeywell wireless receiver is 100’ nominal. The wireless range between the 5800ZBRIDGE and each Z-Wave module is 75’ nominal. However, each Z-Wave module does act as a repeater to extend the range between each module and the Z-Wave controller. Z-Wave is a mesh networking technology where each module (or node) communicates wirelessly with a controller. The wireless range used by Z-Wave technology is 900 MHz which can compete with some cordless telephones but will not interfere with WiFi or other systems. Each Z-Wave node is capable of sending and receiving control commands to another module and by using intermediate nodes you can actively route the wireless signal around any dead spots in your home.

The Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE has a tri-color LED to indicate the current status of your wireless home security system. When the LED is flashing red your security system is currently Armed Away. When the LED is solid red, your Honeywell system is armed in the stay mode. If the LED is solid green, your security system is disarmed and ready to arm. Finally, if the LED is flashing orange, an alarm event has been triggered.

The Z-Wave controller does come with a 12VDC plug-in transformer to power the 5800ZBRIDGE. Simply plug the 5800ZBRIDGE into a standard wall outlet and mount it on your wall. The home automation controller links up with your Honeywell wireless home security system using the programmable House ID feature.

Please note that the 5800ZBRIDGE is not compatible with the Honeywell 5800TM wireless transmitter module.

Brand: Honeywell

Okay, let us know how the testing goes.
It would be the Vista21ip. I will give it a try, thank you .
What alarm system are you using with the 5800ZBRIDGE? The ZBRIDGE should follow the status of whatever partition was used to arm/disarm when enrolling it to the House ID.
Does the alarm status indicator on this unit always follow Partition 1? Or can you change it? I'm assuming that since it only uses the House ID to communicate it would only be P1?
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