Honeywell 5804BD

Wireless Bi-Directional Security Key Fob

Honeywell 5804bd wireless bi directional security key fob

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The Honeywell 5804BD is a four button wireless security key fob which can remotely control Honeywell wireless security systems, as well a...

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The Honeywell 5804BD is a four button wireless security key fob which can remotely control Honeywell wireless security systems, as well as relay system status back to the user. The 5804BD is a bi-directional device, which means that in addition to sending signals to a Honeywell security system, it can also receive signals from the control panel. The 5804BD, because it is bi-directional, must be used in conjunction with a bi-directional 5800 transceiver module such as the Honeywell 6150RF, 6160RF, 5883H, LYNX series control panel, or with a combination of a 5800TM wireless transmitter module and a 5800 series wireless receiver. These modules will allow the security control panel to communicate wireless signals back to the 5804BD as well as receiving wireless signals.

Each of the four buttons on the 5804BD security key fob can be programmed for any zone function, and the common options are: arm away, arm stay, disarm, and panic. The Honeywell 5804BD must be programmed using the House ID, which must match the House ID programmed in the Honeywell security control panel. Each button of the 5804BD key fob should be programmed as an individual zone with a “BR” (Button Type RF) input type in order to ensure that the security system it is programmed to does not display trouble signals when the device is taken out of range.

To activate a function programmed for a button, the 5804BD user must press and hold the button until the yellow LED flashes and (2) beeps are heard to confirm the transmission is sent. Because the Honeywell 5804BD wireless key fob is a bi-directional device, users can check the status of their alarm system prior to sending a signal. In order to check system status, press and release any button momentarily and the yellow LED will flash and (1) beep will be heard. The 5804BD will display the system status through a combination of sounder and LED activity (as per the System Status Indications Table below). If no status is received from the panel after (5) seconds, the 5804BD will generate a (1) second tone.

The Honeywell 5804BD comes with (2) factory installed CR2430 batteries. When the battery is low, the yellow LED will not flash when a button is pressed, and a low battery signal will be reported to the security system control panel.

Honeywell 5804BD System Status Indications Table

LEDLED ConditionSounderSystem Status
RedOn Steady
On Steady
2 Beeps
3 Beeps
Armed Away or Maximum
Armed Stay or Instant
Fire Alarm in Progress
Armed, Burglary in Progress
Alarm Memory
GreenOn Steady
1 Beep
Disarmed, Ready to Arm
Disarmed, Not Ready to Arm
Yellow (right)FlashingSilentIndicates RF Transmission
Red & GreenAlternately FlashingSilentIn Enter House ID Mode
System in Trouble
System Not Ready


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