Honeywell 5834-4

Wireless 4 Button Security Key Fob

Honeywell 5834 4 wireless 4 button security key fob for honeywell security systems

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The Honeywell 5834-4 is a four button wireless security key fob compatible with all Honeywell wireless security systems. The buttons can ...
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The Honeywell 5834-4 is a four button wireless security key fob compatible with all Honeywell wireless security systems. The buttons can be used to arm your security system in stay or away mode, disarm the system, activate an audible or silent panic alarm or any other feature of your Honeywell wireless security system. The 5834-4 key fob is equipped with (4) programmable buttons, and (4) multi-button programmable features, for (8) total actions.

In order to prevent false alarms, the buttons of the 5834-4 security key fob are recessed so that you don’t accidentally press a button while the key fob is in your pocket or bag. The buttons must also be held for 1/2 second before a signal transmission occurs. The Honeywell 5834-4 key fob is equipped with a bi-color LED which flashes green when transmitting a signal in standard mode, and red when transmitting a signal in high-security mode. If the LED does not flash, this means that the 5834-4 has a low battery.

The Honeywell 5834-4 security key fob should be programmed as an unsupervised Button RF, to avoid trouble signals when the device is out of range (50’). The 5834-4 has (2) serial numbers for programming, serial number 1, loops 1-4 are used for each button, A, B, C&D; and serial number 2, loops 1-4 are used for each pair of buttons, A&B, C&D, A&C, B&D.

The 5834-4 is powered by a replaceable 3V lithium battery (included) that should last 3-5 years.

The Honeywell 5834-4 wireless security key fob is compatible with any of the 5800 series wireless receivers.

Brand: Honeywell


Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

works great and makes things easier and faster. my wife and both love the fob.

Happy wife happy life
Submitted on 10/17/2012 Jerry

Got this for my wife to use. Took a little getting used to, but she figured it out pretty quick. This key fob is awesome, and it make arming and disarming really easy. She's not a techy at all, and this made the whole getting an alarm thing easy as pie. She loves it, and now she's not complaining about the "complicated keypad thing."

Yes that is correct but any customer who has a Vista-20PSIA won’t have the option, but as long as the panel is just a Vista-20P, you can do that.
I set the Entry Delay #35 on my Vista 20p to 0 and get the same effect when using the HOME STAY 5834 fob. If you use the remote to enter, you don't need a delay.
You can do both, if you want to use it that way, you program it as an 8 button device, and program the functions/loops accordingly.
Is the 5834-4 set up to use serial number 1 loops OR serial number 2 loops - exclusively, meaning, I can either program the key fob to respond to single button presses OR double button presses? Or can I have single button presses work (per the assigned template) AND assign output functions to respond to serial number 2 loops, such as A is pressed - disarm the alarm AND when A&B are pressed - trigger a relay?
Ah, clever idea!
Thanks for your answer. Hopefully I'll find it. Yes in the meantime I configured all the buttons to "24 hours audible". So if someone tries to disarm will be very surprised, and I'll know that's definitely in wrong hands. Thanks.
No, by design, key fobs aren't supervised by the panel as they are expected to leave the home. I would recommend deleting that key fob programming until you find it so that if it got in the wrong hands, no one can disarm your system without your code.
Hi I lost one of this 5834-4, which was already configured and working fine, is there a way to tell from the panel if the key fob is in reach? I want to be sure that is at home. I have a Lynx L7000
Try this FAQ:
I have an alarm Honeywell 7000. I bought on Amazon two remote controls but do not work. It works only one original. In the original pilots shines green light. In the new amazon shines red. Maybe it to another model? The system adopts the code of the pilot but the pilot did not work
Hi Kevin, As discussed on the phone this morning, we suggest you contact Alarm Relay for assistance with this issue as they are your current monitoring company. If they are not helpful, we suggest, you consider switching to us as we could easily takeover your L5100 with one of our no-contract monitoring plans available online at and we provide excellent free technical support.
I have a Honeywell Adamco Lynx 5100 that I am attempting to program a replacement 5834-4 key fob into positions 49-52 where the previous key fob was enrolled. I attempted editing the position, then finally deleted it and attempted to enroll the replacement automatically and manually to no avail. The battery is good in the replacement and I had purchased 2 (1 for a spare) and neither communicate with the Linx 5100. The 2 originals programmed into Zones 53-56 & 57-60 still work rock solid. Thoughts?
Glad to hear you got it working.
Got it... There was a duplicate entry zone for some reason.
Yes, the fob works on a LYNXR-I.
Have you already assigned the fob to a valid user code as detailed in the 5834-4 installation guide?
Trying to program this into the Vista20p panel, I get to the point where it accepts/reads the serial number and the loop pops in, but can't get to the next field. The panel "beeps". Any thoughts?
Honeywell confirmed that the 5800RP should certainly work to send high security key fob signals back to the panel. If you were able to get the fob to work in high security mode close to the panel, they said further troubleshooting would be required to determine what's going on. Are you monitored currently? If so, I'd suggest you reach out to your monitoring company for further support.
That is strange as Julia is correct in that the 5800RP is listed to repeat the signals of a key fob in high security mode. We'll see if Honeywell has any ideas about your scenario.
Ok, quick update. For whatever reason, it seems to be the high security side that it doesn't like. I changed my keyfob back over to normal (low security I guess) and it works from the end of my driveway. So it seems for whatever reason, the 5800 doesn't like my keyfob in high security mode even though it works on my 7000. No big deal, I don't have to have the high security so I will use it in normal mode since that gets me what I'm looking for. Thank you and all for the input!!
this key work on a LYNXR-l system?
Ok, I will try to cover these in order. Yes, the key fob does work when I am close to the panel inside and stops working about 60-70 feet away towards my front door (thru walls). I put the 5800 about 30 feet away from the 7000 going towards my front door and am using the keyfob from about 35 feet from the 5800. I did program the 5800 in a zone and it will alert the panel if I open or unplug it (tamper or AC alert) so I am comfortable that it is close enough to talk to the panel. When I go to the front door (now about 30 ft from the 5800) it still does not work unless I hold it to my chin (old school car alarm trick) so it is basically like it's still only works if it hits the 7000. If I open the 5800, the RF led is not lit and when I press a button or open a door the yellow light flickers like it is seeing or repeating a signal, it just doesn't seem to give me any more distance that what I was getting. I would have expected to at least get 50-100 more feet of use for the keyfob. My goal was to be able to use it from the driveway instead of after I walk inside. The weird thing is I have 2 sensors in a detached garage that work even without the 5800 and they are farther than where I am trying to use the keyfob.(not sure if the 5816's are stronger than the keyfob or just less walls/interference) Sorry this was so long and hope it all makes sense. Thanks for your help and patience.
It should definitely pass along the high security messages, as it does for everything else. So, just to be clear, the fob works when you're close to the panel, but then stops working at some distance? How far is the 5800RP from the L7000? At what distance from the panel does the fob cease to function?
Ok, so I am stumped. From what I have read, the 5800rp should work 'out of the box' by just hooking up the battery and A/C (I am using it with a Lynx 7000). When I did this, it did not extend the range of my key fob at all. I have a house ID set for a 5828v keypad but do not use anything that requires a site ID. Since it did not seem to work, I programmed it as a zone just to check and the panel responds correctly to tamper if opened. The RF light is not on so I do not feel there is any interference and it is about 40 feet closer to me than the keypad (7000). The key fob stops working at the same distance whether the 5800rp is powered up or not. All the dip switches are in the off position. Any ideas / suggestions?
Great questions. The 5800RP will repeat signals for bi-directional and high-security devices. So - Yes the 5800RP will work to repeat your signals on the 5834-4. It is recommended to place the repeater within 100 feet of the RF receiver. Also, you will want to pick up the Honeywell 1332 AC transformer to power the repeater as well.
Will the 5800rp extend the distance for a 5834 key fob and if so, will it repeat a high security mode signal or do I have to use the 5834 in regular mode (non high security mode)? Thanks
Okay, please do as we'd be happy to help. You can call 888-818-7728 M-F 9-9 EST or email us directly at Please use the email you have associated with your Alarm Grid account so we won't have to re-verify that you are a customer.
I'm an alarm grid customer already. I'll call support.
If you are currently monitored and have a TC2 account, you should contact your company for assistance. If you want to switch to us on one of our no-contract plans available at, we'd be happy to help you out once you're activated.
I have a lynx 5210. The instruction book I was working from assume you are at the panel. I do have access so could set up from TC 2.0 if that is easier.
What system do you have any are you setting up the scenes in the panel or via Total Connect 2.0?
Hi. I am having trouble following the automation instruction manual for setting up scenes and rules. I have a fob enrolled correctly, and I also have a 5877 relay connected to some garage doors. The fob on its own works correctly to arm/disarm the system. And the garage doors on their own report status correctly and are able to be opened/closed through the panel. I am trying to get a fob button to both open garage door and disarm the system. Then I want another button as close door and arm away. I think I need a scene for each state (open/disarmed and closed/armed). But I am having trouble seeing where I can attach the security system state to the scene, and how to trigger a scene from a button press from the fob. Can you give me any pointers?
Try this FAQ - on enrolling high security mode. Honeywell has begun shipping the fobs in this mode so you need this extra step to make them work now.
I have been trying to pair this fob for a couple of days. I have put in the serial number and also did the auto pairing which worked as well. Although it seems to recognize the device, the led is always red when transmitting and it will not arm or disarm the l7000. Any thoughts here?
Yes, the 6160RF provides the wireless zones support. The VAM provides Z-Wave support which is a different type of wireless technology.
Got it! Thank you for the explanation. So where the Vista 21ip supports wired zones, the 6160RF keypad steps in and provides wireless zones capability? Will the inclusion of a VAM provide this as well?
The VISTA-21iP does not have built-in RF capability. You need to have a wireless receiver connected to your system as well. You can add a standalone wireless receiver, but I would recommend instead to replace your 6150 with a 6160RF ( ). This 6160RF keypad will provide up to 40 zones of wireless support and it's a programming alphanumeric keypad which you'll also need to program your key fob zones.
With a vista 21ip, wired 6150 keypad, and two eight zone expanders, is there anything else I need in order to make this key fob work? I am assuming the 21ip has a built in RF transmitter?
The Honeywell key fobs have recently started shipping with high security mode enabled. You need to enable high security mode on your system by pressing More > Tools > enter Installer Code > Test > Go/No Go Test. Once you are in the Go/No Go Test mode, press and hold all buttons on the fob except for the panic button until it beeps twice. After it beeps twice, you should be able to press and hold the unlock button on the fob to disarm the system and exit out of the Go/No Go Test mode.
I was able to program a new key fob into my system, but it doesn't seem to work - when I press any of the buttons on the fob the light on it flashes red instead of green and the system doesn't recognize the command.
Unfortunately, no, Honeywell has not yet added a keyfob zone type for stay instant, so there is no way to do this.
Is it possible to set one of the buttons on this remote to STAY INSTANT instead of the default STAY DELAY?
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