How Many Key Fobs Can Be Programmed To / On A 6150RF?

The Honeywell 6150RF keypad supports 8 key fobs programmable in local mode. The 6150RF keypad has dedicated key fob support, which allows the support of key fobs without using any of the wireless zones in the alarm control panel.

Local mode programming includes keypad and receiver addressing, setting the house ID and key fob programming.

A key fob cannot be programmed in both the panel and the local mode. Doing this will prevent loops from working.

The 6150RF has "end" user key fob programming which allows the end user to edit the key fob devices that are enrolled.

The 6150RF has a high security encryption mode that allows a secure transmission for the encrypted key fobs to be exclusive of each other. If the system is disarmed the same time everyday using the key fob, in regular mode this transmission is identical every time the key fob disarms his system. But if both the key fob and the receiver are in high-security mode or encrypted mode, the transmission code is different every time. Only the receiver can predict what the next transmission from the transmitter will be. This technology secures the transmission so it cannot be copied or duplicated by "code grabbers". When operating the system in High-Security mode the keypad will only recognize encrypted devices. If encryption is disabled, it will recognize both encrypted and non-encrypted devices.

The 6150RF keypad is normally open relay that can be programmed as No Action, Relay Off, Relay On, Toggle On/Off, or 2 Second Closure. Only one option can be selected for a single button. Contact rating on the relay is 1A, 28VDC.

The 6150RF has auto device number assignment, so it assigns the next available device number to locally learned device so remembering which device numbers are already used is not necessary.

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