Honeywell 5816 - Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor Reviews


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Submitted on 02/01/2015 Sean

Rock solid , They never fail . 18 of them on all doors & windows of the lower level . Reliability is never a Question.

Good choice for doors and windows
Submitted on 10/22/2012 Tariq

Protect all my doors and windows in my house with a 5816. Haven't changed a battery in 4 years and never had a false alarm unless it was my error.

I have these on all my doors.
Submitted on 09/17/2012 Steve

I used the 5816 contacts on every door leading into my house. I have a front door, garage side door, 2 sets of french doors in the back and a set of french doors in me and my wife's room. Alarm Grid had me put the contact on one french door and the magnet on the other door so I only needed to use 1 5816 for each set so that was cool too. Of course, now i see the 5811s and those look even better. Should I spend the money to switch??