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The 5816 are Honeywell's most popular sensor. Slightly thicker than the 5811, this sensor's 200 foot range makes it the most affordable, reliable way to protect your home using a wireless setup.


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The Honeywell 5816 is the most popular wireless door and window sensor installed today. The Honeywell 5816 is most recognizable by its distinctive ridges on the sensor cover. The 5816 sensor should be mounted on the window or door frame with the included magnet mounted on the window or door so that the transmitter's circuit board does not get rattled every time the window or door is shut. If you use the Honeywell 5816 as a window or door sensor, you should program the sensor as a loop (2). You also have the option to wire any normally closed alarm device to the wireless sensor and program it as a loop (1) to utilize the 5816 sensor as a wireless transmitter. You can even use both zones (or loops) of the Honeywell 5816 simultaneously.

A mounting plate is included with the Honeywell 5816 contact for easy mounting. You can mount the 5816 contact without the mounting plate but we recommend that you install the mounting plate to the window or door frame so that you can easily remove the 5816 window and door contact for easy maintenance.

When the cover is removed from the Honeywell 5816 sensor, a tamper alarm will be reported to the Honeywell alarm system. The 5816 window and door sensor will also report a low battery signal approximately (30) days before the included lithium battery completely dies so that you can replace the battery.

Brand: Honeywell

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As a update, the BB-1GS Barrier Bar does work with the 5816. Thank you for the reply.
Hey Scott, The sw3000 is an ADT panel the most common installer code used by ADT is 6321if that dont work below is a link on how to back door into it the SW3000 is a Vista 20p branded for adt how to change serial number for 5816
I have what appears to be a Honeywell 5816 sensor that I'm having issues with. originally it would send a false alert and I could clear it. changed the battery and sensor performed for about six hours, repeated and it did the same thing. Now unable to clear it from the keypad. Window is never opened so it's not getting a lot of use. I have an ADT Safewatch pro 3000 touch pad. couple of questions. if I choose to purchase anew sensor what are the instructions for programming and installing. Assuming I will need some sort of installer code as well. And last, how do I remove the old sensor programming from the system.
As a rule, SPST is normally closed, which would work with the 5816. However, to be sure, you may want to use a meter (assuming you already have the BB-1GS) to verify that you have continuity when the bar is in the normal state, and that it goes open when in the faulted state. I tried to google specs on that model number, but since Interlogix is now out of the residential security business, information seems to be scarce.
Will the 5816 wireless alarm sensor work if I wire a Barrier Bar, model BB-1GS SPST Alarm Switch, to the wired loops? The Barrier Bar states "normally open for closed loop", so I am confused if the Barrier Bar is normally opened or closed. I understand the 5816 only accepts closed, wired contacts.
You're welcome! We're always happy to help.
OK... Got a new 5128 sensor. Seems to be just at the edge of wireless range. It will communicate properly if I hold it just outside the door. Won't reliably fault/reset mounted on the door and throws random loop 2 faults and needs to be bypassed in order to arm the system. Next, wired the 6160RF as the only device being powered by the AD12612 Aux Power Supply (maybe wasn't getting enough power to run wireless properly?) - no difference. Finally, got a new 6160RF (might be a newer board version?) and it seems to be working properly just now. Fingers crossed that it continues. Let you now if it doesn't. Thanks so much for your help!
No, you shouldn't need any new programming. Just be aware that the devices have swapped places so the zone names will be off until you swap them back once you've determined if it's an issue with the location or the specific device.
If I swap a transmitter do I need to reprogram . If so, can you tell me how or point me to a programming guide?
The most common reason for this type of behavior is an environmental issue. What you describe sets up the perfect test, though. If you have other 5816's that have had no issues, swap one of these with the mounting location of the 5816 that's having the issue. If the problem follows the 5816, replace it, if it stays with the mounting location, then there is something in this area that is keeping the transmitter from communicating to the receiver properly. You may be able to move it 6 inches one way or another and never have a problem again. That's just the nature of RF.
Can you offer ideas on why all of the other zones work fine, and except for zone 11 everything works? All the other transmitters are much greater distance from the panel, and most are on a different floor of the house. Is it possible that the transmitter is failing?
The installation of these antennas inside your drop ceiling is far from ideal. If you have enough length on the wires and space under the panel you may want to consider lowering the panel so the antennas are not jammed up into the ceiling space. This can cause interference issues with all the wiring and metal up in those types of spaces. If that is not a possibility, you could also try swapping in a new RF receiver that is built into a keypad like the 6160RF. This would offer a better point of reception (not in your ceiling). You could certainly try locally re-orienting your sensor and magnet. Possibly get the magnet closer and ensure the sensor has the reed switch side closest to the magnet. However if you are open to a panel upgrade at some point you may want to just swap in the 5800C2W ( ) to convert any wired burglary zones to wireless. Then start fresh with a wireless panel like the 2GIG GC3: If you are interested in upgrading I recommend emailing us at for more details.
I am attaching a photo, and I think there are 2 antenna wires. All of my system works except for zone 11, an outside door. I was able to temporarily add a new magnet, so that shouldn't be the problem. After the door is not opened for a day or more, it starts working properly. When it balks, it the system gives me an fc reading which persists while I byypass zone 11 for a day or so. Also, it seems like occasionally the zone will balk for no reason, for example the system will arm, then while I am away, zone 11 triggers the alarm.
Yours is a Vista-20ADT, their equivalent to a 20SE. I can see your receiver, but it should have 2 white antennas sticking out the top of the metal enclosure, and I only see 1, and it appears to be bent pretty severely. Any chance of getting a better picture of the antennas? Assuming this has been in and working for some time, there are a couple of reasons it wouldn't restore once faulted, it could be that the transmitter is simply not sending the restore message, this could be because it's defective, or because the gap between the magnet and the transmitter is just a little too wide, so sometimes its in tolerance, and sometimes it's out. The other option could be that it sends the restore signal every time, and the receiver is just not hearing it for some reason, that could be due to the aforementioned bent and/or missing antennas. Also, there should be metal grounding lug on each antenna (that's what the 2nd screw terminal is for on each) I can't tell if those are in place, but if they are not, that will also affect its ability to receive signals properly.
I replied several days ago, with photo's. I don't know what my PROM or wireless receiver is. Can you tell from my photos? , The system was working properly, but if I just now challenged it by opening then shutting the door 4 times. Now it indicates "door open (fault zone)". What's your guess?
I had you confused with someone else on my last reply. I just edited my response above asking what your panel's PROM is and what wireless receiver you are using.
No, I opened and closed the door six times, then it failed just as it has been doing occasionally, indicating the "door open/fault zone".
So everything is working now?
It is original ADT equipment, and I am guessing it is a Honeywell 6815. After the test, it "rested" for a couple of days , it is now functioning properly.
If you look at the center of the green circuit board inside the main metal alarm control panel box, what is the 'WA' number listed on the PROM chip? Also, what wireless receiver are you using?
It functioned properly for the first 9 door openings and closings. Then then on the 10th it stayed in the "not ready"/fault zone when the door was closed. I opened and closed the door five more times, and it stayed in the "door open"/fault zone.
If you try opening and closing the door 10-15 times, do you see the zone fault each time the door is opened and restore that fault automatically each time you close the door?
The system is an ADT Safewatch pro, and the system had been working until now. The door and frame are wood. The sensor is about 40 feet from the receiver.
What alarm system are you using with that sensor? What material is the door and door frame that the contact and magnet are installed on? How far is the sensor from your system's wireless receiver?
I have what looks like a Honeywell 5816 wireless door alarm. Occasionally it sends a false alarm . I don't get a low battery signal, and I replaced the door magnet and it worked for a month or more, but now is signaling again. Any suggestions?
What about just off the door, does it work reliably there? What material is the door? Have you tried putting the 6150RF back up and seeing if it begins to fault/restore reliably on the door again? Establishing that it was in fact reliably faulting/restoring on the 6150RF is important as it may have been 99% unreliable before and you just never got the actual loss of supervision signal alerting you to the problem.
It called in a Loss of Supervision error today and I was greeted with "Check 09" when I got home. The sensor seems to report an "Open" fault, and restore with a magnet, in proximity to the main keypad but not on the actual door.
That would indicate that the receiver saw the sensor open ("fault") but once the door closed, the receiver didn't "see" the zone restore signal. Does the sensor work reliably when faulting/restoring if you remove it from the door?
Honeywell doesn't list a difference in RF range between the 6150RF and 6160RF. Have you had the loss of supervision error come back up since changing it back to Supervised? Assuming, the sensor is not reporting well to the 6160RF, you'd expect that error roughly 12 hours after you made the change to Supervised again.
Right. It worked fine for years with the 6150RF (old version circuit board). I really don't want to get an RF Repeater. Any other ideas? BTW, I put the sensor back on Supervised mode to see what happens.
That would keep the supervision trouble from coming back on zone 9 but you'll also now have no idea if that sensor will report alarms to your system when the occur so we wouldn't suggest that as a true fix to the issue. It sounds like you have some RF interference/range issues between the sensor and the receiver.
To clarify It was "FAULT 09" today, not "Check 09". Zone is set as Unsupervised RF.
Same location for keypad. Fresh battery in sensor. Strange thing, I woke up to a Fault 09 message today. My son is in the guest house, still sleeping, so I can't go check it out yet but the door looks like it's closed completely.
Okay, that does point to a range issue with the sensor and the new receiver. Do you have the 6160RF installed in the same place as the 6150RF? Have you tried a fresh battery in case the sensor needs an almost full battery to transmit properly back to the receiver in the home? The supervision will only come up, at the most, every 12 hours, based on how the RF supervision is handled by the panel.
#381 - RF Supervision Error. For now I just made Zone 09 Unsupervised.
Well, the panel finally started beeping with Check 09 at about 0345 AM, and we got automated calls from ADT at 0800AM. Tried to check the error log but for some reason the log was scrolling through all events rather than stepping through with the * and # keys. BTW the 6150RF was REPLACED with the 6160RF, so there's only one RF receiver in the system. Don't know if this matters but I also have a Z-wave light switch and thermostat that are having trouble staying connected to their Vera hub (which is located in the same location as the Vista 15P panel.)
I think it's only giving me Check 09 after the system calls in to ADT, not after exiting Progamming Mode. I did get Tamper and Loss of Supervision errors in the Log. I brought the sensor into the main house and re-enrolled it in proximity to the keypad. It works here and faults appropriately when magnet is removed. When reinstalled in the guest house (80-100 feet away maybe) it doesn't seem to be recognized. No error messages (except for System Lo Bat, new backup battery coming today). No Fault when door is open. System says Ready to Arm. When it calls in to ADT in a couple of hours I'll probably get Loss of Supervision error again.
If you go in and out of programming mode, how quickly does the Check 09 come back up? Have you checked your panel's event log to see what Contact ID E### code was logged for zone 09 on the initial trouble?
I have a Vista 15P based system that has been working fine for several years. This included a 6150RF keypad, three 6150 keypads , and an AD2USB interface for home automation. Zone 12 is an interior wireless PIR in the main house, and Zone 09 is a 5816 wireless sensor on our guest house door. I wanted to add a 5828 wireless keypad in the main house. So, I added an AD12612 Aux Power Supply and transducer and replaced the 6150 keypad with a 6160RF. The 6160RF keypad, 2 of the 6150 keypads and the AD2USB are powered by the Aux Power Supply. My problem is now I'm getting "CHECK 09" error from the 5816 and can't seem to clear it. Replacing the battery in the 5816 doesn't seem to help.The case is on properly so I don't think the tamper switch is the culprit. Any thoughts? I'm hoping that the RF receiver in the 6160RF isn't significantly less sensitive than the one in the 6150RF (old version). Do I need to re-enroll the 5816? My wireless motion sensor seems to be working OK, though. Thanks! Ron K
Hi Arnaldo, I believe we also had a support ticket from you, and I responded and asked you some questions there as well. The 11WH requires a 10 Millisecond response time to function properly, the wired loop on the 5816 has a 100 Millisecond response time, so these two won't work together properly. You need something like the 5819WH (not 5819WHS, as it will already come with a shock sensor installed). If you resolved this issue, the other issue may take care of itself.
Well there are a few issues here. First off, the 5816 is not designed to take wired shock sensors. You need to connect a wired shock sensor a shock processor like the 5819: Secondly, I am not familiar with the 11HW. Is this a honeywell part? What are you using the shock/vibration sensor for? I recommend checking out the 5800SS1: This is in all-in-one unit with a shock detector and RF transmitter.
Hi I have a l5200, I Wired a vibration contact (11hw) to a 5816 using loop 1, it works but when it triggers the alarm, the panel says total fail in yellow and I can't arm since system says is not ready, what should I do?
I have seen installers snap the magnet out of the case but it does not look clean. I would recommend getting the 5899B ( ) small magnet for each sensor. These are the magnets that are designed for the slimmer 5811 sensors. If you do want to remove the magnet, I would use epoxy to affix it to the window/frame.
I'm installing a few of these on windows in my home - the magnet housing makes it slightly too thick to mount where I'd like to put it. Can I take the magnet out of the housing somehow? How do I do this?
OK Thanks!
What panel do you have? You can most likely just replace the SN of the old one with the new one and leave the rest of the programming intact.
Device Type: Other. Response Type: Interior Follower.
How do I program a 5816 window contact so it is armed when away but can open and close during stay mode?
Thank you--Door >General Monitor does what I want it to do !!
Try using Response Type - General Monitor.
OOPS Honeywell L 5200
Which alarm system are you using?
I installed a 5816OD on an entry gate that I only want to chime on the keypad and not send a report to central monitoring. I do want the battery to be monitored. I want a long chime that doesn't require me to react. I want the sensor to reset after any notification. The sensor is used to notify me every time the gate is opened, ie: UPS or someone coming to my front door. I can't figure what settings to use.
After going into *56 zone programming menu, simply enter "00" for the Zone Type. Once you confirm the deletion, the zone will be zeroed out and you can then use that zone slot to program in the new device.
I have a 5816 that has gone bad. I have seen all the primers on how to program a new one - but I am assuming i need to delete the old serial and associated zone info first. In *56, is there a quick step to do that?
You can just turn the chime off at the keypad so that the door openings don't cause the chime when you are in the business.
I have these hooked up to hardwired door contacts. They work well...almost too well. I have the 5816 programmed as loop 1, but even when the panel is disarmed they go nuts any time a door is opened. Is there a way to get it to stop for as long as we are going to be going in and out of doors? This is in a business, so having beeps all the time is not desirable.
You can use the included double sided tape but make sure to properly clean and dry the surface before affixing the tape.
Is it required that 5816s be screwed to the door surface, or is it ok to use 3M double side sticky tape to affix them? Please advice.
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