Honeywell 5816

Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Honeywell 5816 wireless door window sensor
  • Honeywell 5816 wireless door window sensor
  • Honeywell 5816 wireless door sensor and window sensor

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The 5816 are Honeywell's most popular sensor. Slightly thicker than the 5811, this sensor's 200 foot range makes it the most affordable, reliable way to protect your home using a wireless setup.


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The Honeywell 5816 is the most popular wireless door and window sensor installed today. The Honeywell 5816 is most recognizable by its distinctive ridges on the sensor cover. The 5816 sensor should be mounted on the window or door frame with the included magnet mounted on the window or door so that the transmitter's circuit board does not get rattled every time the window or door is shut. If you use the Honeywell 5816 as a window or door sensor, you should program the sensor as a loop (2). You also have the option to wire any normally closed alarm device to the wireless sensor and program it as a loop (1) to utilize the 5816 sensor as a wireless transmitter. You can even use both zones (or loops) of the Honeywell 5816 simultaneously.

A mounting plate is included with the Honeywell 5816 contact for easy mounting. You can mount the 5816 contact without the mounting plate but we recommend that you install the mounting plate to the window or door frame so that you can easily remove the 5816 window and door contact for easy maintenance.

When the cover is removed from the Honeywell 5816 sensor, a tamper alarm will be reported to the Honeywell alarm system. The 5816 window and door sensor will also report a low battery signal approximately (30) days before the included lithium battery completely dies so that you can replace the battery.



Submitted on 02/01/2015

Rock solid , They never fail . 18 of them on all doors & windows of the lower level . Reliability is never a Question.

Good choice for doors and windows
Submitted on 10/22/2012

Protect all my doors and windows in my house with a 5816. Haven't changed a battery in 4 years and never had a false alarm unless it was my error.

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Hi Arnaldo, I believe we also had a support ticket from you, and I responded and asked you some questions there as well. The 11WH requires a 10 Millisecond response time to function properly, the wired loop on the 5816 has a 100 Millisecond response time, so these two won't work together properly. You need something like the 5819WH (not 5819WHS, as it will already come with a shock sensor installed). If you resolved this issue, the other issue may take care of itself.
Well there are a few issues here. First off, the 5816 is not designed to take wired shock sensors. You need to connect a wired shock sensor a shock processor like the 5819: Secondly, I am not familiar with the 11HW. Is this a honeywell part? What are you using the shock/vibration sensor for? I recommend checking out the 5800SS1: This is in all-in-one unit with a shock detector and RF transmitter.
Hi I have a l5200, I Wired a vibration contact (11hw) to a 5816 using loop 1, it works but when it triggers the alarm, the panel says total fail in yellow and I can't arm since system says is not ready, what should I do?
I have seen installers snap the magnet out of the case but it does not look clean. I would recommend getting the 5899B ( ) small magnet for each sensor. These are the magnets that are designed for the slimmer 5811 sensors. If you do want to remove the magnet, I would use epoxy to affix it to the window/frame.
I'm installing a few of these on windows in my home - the magnet housing makes it slightly too thick to mount where I'd like to put it. Can I take the magnet out of the housing somehow? How do I do this?
OK Thanks!
What panel do you have? You can most likely just replace the SN of the old one with the new one and leave the rest of the programming intact.
Device Type: Other. Response Type: Interior Follower.
How do I program a 5816 window contact so it is armed when away but can open and close during stay mode?
Thank you--Door >General Monitor does what I want it to do !!
Try using Response Type - General Monitor.
OOPS Honeywell L 5200
Which alarm system are you using?
I installed a 5816OD on an entry gate that I only want to chime on the keypad and not send a report to central monitoring. I do want the battery to be monitored. I want a long chime that doesn't require me to react. I want the sensor to reset after any notification. The sensor is used to notify me every time the gate is opened, ie: UPS or someone coming to my front door. I can't figure what settings to use.
After going into *56 zone programming menu, simply enter "00" for the Zone Type. Once you confirm the deletion, the zone will be zeroed out and you can then use that zone slot to program in the new device.
I have a 5816 that has gone bad. I have seen all the primers on how to program a new one - but I am assuming i need to delete the old serial and associated zone info first. In *56, is there a quick step to do that?
You can just turn the chime off at the keypad so that the door openings don't cause the chime when you are in the business.
I have these hooked up to hardwired door contacts. They work well...almost too well. I have the 5816 programmed as loop 1, but even when the panel is disarmed they go nuts any time a door is opened. Is there a way to get it to stop for as long as we are going to be going in and out of doors? This is in a business, so having beeps all the time is not desirable.
You can use the included double sided tape but make sure to properly clean and dry the surface before affixing the tape.
Is it required that 5816s be screwed to the door surface, or is it ok to use 3M double side sticky tape to affix them? Please advice.
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