Honeywell 5881ENL

8 Zone Wireless Receiver

Honeywell 5881enl 8 zone wireless receiver

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The Honeywell 5881ENL is an (8) zone wireless receiver that is compatible with all Honeywell alarm control panels that support a wireless...
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The Honeywell 5881ENL is an (8) zone wireless receiver that is compatible with all Honeywell alarm control panels that support a wireless receiver connected to the ECP Bus (keypad terminals). As a member of the 5881EN series of radio frequency (RF) receivers, the 5881ENL features a Spatial Diversity System that essentially eliminates all "nulls" and "dead spots" within the wireless coverage area. Add a 5881ENL (8) zone wireless receiver to your Honeywell security system to make it compatible with the full range of 5800 series wireless sensors.

The 5881ENL wireless receiver accepts alarm signals and status messages from Honeywell wireless transmitters using the 345MHz frequency range. The wireless range of the 5881ENL is 200' nominal from the device to any installed wireless transmitters. Most Honeywell security systems can only use (1) wireless receiver. The higher end commercial control panels can accept more than (1) wireless receiver to provide redundant wireless coverage or provide coverage to a larger area.

As the Honeywell 5881ENL is the low end receiver, it can only be used with (8) programmed wireless zones. If your Honeywell security system is programmed for more than (8) wireless zones a "SET UP ERROR" message will be displayed on alphanumeric keypads and an "E4" or "E8" message will be displayed on fixed English keypads. Until the extra wireless zones are deleted from the security system's zone programming, none of the wireless zones will function properly. If you will be using more than (8) wireless zones, you should look at the Honeywell 5881ENM or Honeywell 5881ENH instead of the 5881ENL. The 5881ENM supports up to (16) wireless zones while the 5881ENH's zone compatibility is limited by the Honeywell security system being used and not by the wireless receiver itself.

Once you have wired the Honeywell 5881ENL to your security system's alarm control panel, you must set the DIP switches to identify the wireless receiver's address within device address programming. For most Honeywell security systems, you should set all dip switches to the off position which will set the 5881ENL to device address (00). As soon as the wireless receiver has been connected and the device address has been programmed, zones 9-16 will be available for wireless zone programming.


First you need to install and configure an RF receiver. You can use a standalone receiver like this 5881 or you add a keypad with an integrated RF receiver like the 6150RF ( ) or 6160RF ( ). I generally recommend the keypad style because they are cost effective and add the value of having another keypad. The 5881ENH and 6160RF both support up to 40 rf zones, the 5881ENM and 6150RF support up to 16 zones and the 5881ENL (this page) supports up to 8 zones. Each wireless transmitter eats up a single zone.
I have a vista 20P and am interested in adding smoke / heat detectors. The system is currently all hardwire. I don't want to run wires for the detector. How do i get a wireless smoke to work with my 20P
Each door/window/smoke detector would be their own zones. If you want to use more than 8 zones I would reccomend the
What exactly is a zone with regards to the 5881 series receiver? Is it a single wireless transmitter? So each door or window would be it’s own zone? Would each smoke be it’s own zone or to save zone space can I call all wireless smoke detectors one zone? If that’s the case, how many wireless transmitters can this recognize and accept?
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