Honeywell 5881EN High Security Encryption Mode

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5881EN Encryption Mode for Remote Fobs
The 5881EN series receivers have an encryption mode that allows a secure transmission for encrypted key fobs wherein the transmissions are exclusive of each other (also known as the rolling code). Example: A person comes home at a fixed time everyday and disarms his system with a key fob. In regular mode this transmission is identical every time the person disarms his system. But if the key fobs are in high-security mode or encrypted mode, the transmission code is different every time. Only the receiver can predict what the next transmission from the transmitter will be. The technology secures the transmission so it cannot be copied or duplicated by “code grabbers”. The receivers can support up to 16 encrypted wireless key fobs at one time. If the number on the receiver microprocessor is WAK 4406-4 or higher, the receiver allows both encrypted and non-encrypted devices to work at the same time, however, the encrypted devices will be not be truly encrypted because the receiver is not enabled for encryption and is not synchronized with the encrypted devices. It provides you with the capability to check space available and/or delete encrypted keys using the procedures below. To enroll an encrypted device, see the Installation Instructions for that device. The GREEN LED located on the receiver's circuit board may be used to determine how many more encrypted keys may be enrolled into the receiver. This LED is also used to indicate when encrypted keys may be deleted. To determine how many more encrypted keys may be enrolled and/or to delete enrolled encrypted keys: 1. Remove power from the receiver and set DIP switch 1 to the ON position. 2. Apply power to the receiver and watch the GREEN LED. You will see one of the following indications: a. The GREEN LED blinks the number of spaces that are free for additional encrypted key enrollment and then goes to constantly ON. b. The GREEN LED is constantly ON, indicating the receiver is full. c. The GREEN LED is OFF, indicating no encrypted keys are enrolled. 3. If you do not want to delete any enrolled encrypted keys, advance to step 4. If you want to delete enrolled encrypted keys, wait until the GREEN LED is constantly ON in step 2 a. or 2 b. above and then: a. Record the positions of DIP switches 1 through 5. b. Set DIP switches 1 through 5 to the opposite positions of their current settings and wait a few moments. c. Set DIP switches 1 through 5 back to their original positions as recorded in step a. All enrolled encrypted keys will be deleted. 4. Place DIP switch 1 back into the OFF position to return to normal receiver operation.
Tech Support Updated 4/17/09