Honeywell 5881ENM

16 Zone Wireless Receiver

Honeywell 5881enm 16 zone wireless receiver

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The Honeywell 5881ENM is a (16) zone wireless receiver. Any Honeywell security system that is compatible with radio frequency (RF) receiv...
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The Honeywell 5881ENM is a (16) zone wireless receiver. Any Honeywell security system that is compatible with radio frequency (RF) receivers can be upgraded with the 5881ENM to allow up to (16) wireless zones to be added within the security system's zone programming. Just like all Honeywell 5881EN series wireless receivers, the 5881ENM features a Spatial Diversity System that provides up to 200' nominal wireless coverage with virtually no "nulls" or "dead spots."

You may install the 5881ENM wireless receiver inside of your security system's alarm control panel cabinet or you can mount it remotely on a wall. If you do choose to install inside your security system's metal cabinet, be sure to remove the plastic housing and use the supplied antennas so that they stick up out of the top of the cabinet. If you choose to mount the wireless receiver remotely, do not use longer than 220' of (22) gauge wire or 550' of (18) gauge wire to connect the 5881ENM to the ECP bus of your alarm control panel. You will not need the supplied circuit board mounting clips, grounding lugs or screws when mounting remotely. Once the Honeywell wireless receiver is installed, you will need to use the internal dip switches to set the 5881ENM's device address. Most residential Honeywell security systems should have their RF receiver set to device address 00. Make sure all dip switches are set to the off position which will automatically enroll the 5881ENM as device address 00 and unlock wireless zones 9-24.

While the Honeywell 5881ENM provides up to (16) wireless zones, you should consider purchasing the Honeywell 5881ENH instead if you ever plan on using more than (16) wireless zones. The 5881ENH supports as many wireless zones as the Honeywell security system will allow. For instance, with the Honeywell VISTA-20P security system, the 5881ENH supports up to (40) wireless zones. You cannot add more than (1) wireless receiver to most Honeywell security systems so we recommend buying the wireless receiver that has enough wireless zone capability to cover all future system expansions. Once you maximize the wireless zones of one wireless receiver, you will need to upgrade to a wireless receiver with more zone capability and your old 5881EN series receiver will become obsolete.

Brand: Honeywell

I do think changing out an existing keypad to a 6160RF would be the easier way to add wireless sensor support to your VISTA-20P. Do you have a keypad that's located in a fairly central location in the home? Typically sensors will work up to 200' away from the 6160RF receiver.
Model shows WA20P. If I installed a 6160rf instead would it be simpler / better option? My concern with the 6160 is the distance. My panel is currently all wired contacts but I would like to add some wireless contacts.
We don't have a video on that specific setup but we can certainly help. What VISTA panel do you have?
Is there a good video on how to connct and setup the wireless receiver to a Vista panel?
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