Honeywell 5883H

Wireless Transceiver Module

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The Honeywell 5883H is a wireless transceiver module that contains both a radio frequency (RF) receiver and a transmitter module. While t...
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The Honeywell 5883H is a wireless transceiver module that contains both a radio frequency (RF) receiver and a transmitter module. While the Honeywell 5881ENL, Honeywell 5881ENM, Honeywell 5881ENH and Honeywell 5881ENHC all require a separate 5800TM transmitter module to be compatible with Honeywell wireless bi-directional devices, the 5883H is a single module that is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 wireless devices. The 5883H wireless transceiver receives alarm, status and control messages from Honeywell wireless transmitters and then sends those messages to the Honeywell security system via its 4-wire connection. The 5883H can also transmit system status and system conditions to bi-directional devices. You can use as many wireless zones as your security system will allow with the Honeywell wireless transceiver. You must address the wireless receiver, using the internal DIP switches, for the wireless transmitters to work with the 5883H. DIP switches 2-4 determine the receiver’s device address. Consult your security system installation guide to ensure you are using a device address that is compatible with RF receivers. DIP switch 6 determines if the integrated transmitter module is turned on or off. Both the receiver and transmitter device addresses must be available and programmed in your security system for the 5883H to function properly. If you have more than (1) 5883H installed with your security system, ensure that only (1) 5883H has the transmitter module enabled. The Honeywell 5883H also has a high security encryption mode that provides an encrypted transmission for up to (16) wireless key fob buttons. Normally key fob buttons transmit the same transmission code each time a user arms or disarms their security system. When using a wireless key fob with the 5883H high security receiver, the transmission code will be different each time the key fob is used. This technology prevents “code grabbers” from being able to copy or duplicate your key fob transmission code to gain entry to your property. If the 5883H wireless transceiver detects a condition that could impede proper RF reception, a RF jam detection signal will be generated at the security system as long as the feature is enabled in the alarm control panel’s programming. There is also a red RF interference LED on the 5883H’s circuit board which, when lit, indicates wireless interference.

Brand: Honeywell

Also, just to clarify, you can't arm to instant mode using a key fob button, so you'd need to set all Entry/Exit zones to Perimeter to get around that limitation and have the system armed with no delays via the key fob.
We recommend the 5834-4 ( ) programmed in high security mode and the key fob should work up to 200' from your wireless receiver.
I have Vista 21ip and would like to add this and rolling code wireless keyfobs so that entry doors alarm instantly if breached, no entry delay. Which rolling code keyfobs work with this unit and how far away physically from transceiver can keyfob work properly?
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