Honeywell 6151

Fixed English Alarm Keypad with Integrated Hardwired Zone

Honeywell 6151 fixed english alarm keypad with integrated hardwired zone

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The Honeywell 6151 is a fixed English alarm keypad with an integrated hardwired zone. This wired keypad is ideal for installations where ...
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The Honeywell 6151 is a fixed English alarm keypad with an integrated hardwired zone. This wired keypad is ideal for installations where the convenience of having an additional hardwired zone is needed. Instead of running an additional wire all the way from the Honeywell control panel, you can wire a hardwired device directly to the 6151. You can cut down on installation costs and trouble in situations where you need to protect areas like a new door or foyer, without running a new wire all the way back to the security system. The 6151 has the same design and features as the Honeywell 6150 keypad with the addition of (1) hardwired zone. With a backlit screen and keypad, the 6151 conveniently displays system status and zones with its fixed English display and piezo electric sounder. The 6151 also has four easy access programmable function buttons and status LED to quickly visualize the arming status of the Honeywell security system.

The 6151 keypad is compatible with all Honeywell VISTA Series security systems, and all Honeywell systems that can support a 4219 ECP zone expander. Depending on the keypad option selected, the built-in hardwired zone can be configured as an ELOR or a double-balanced supervised zone. The 6151 allows (7) items to be programmed through the standard Honeywell keypad programming section, which is accessed by holding [1] and [3] immediately following power up of the keypad. These items are: keypad address, zone expander enable, zone expander address, zone type, tamper enable, display option and sound option. Like all Honeywell keypads, the 6151 must be addressed between (00) and (30). The additional hardwired zone must also be addressed at the keypad, and in the control panel, as a zone expander if it is being used. The 6151 wires to a Honeywell control panel via the standard ECP 4-wire connection.

The 6151 provides you with a 2K ELOR zone at a remote keypad location, making the addition of a new access door easy with any Honeywell security system.

Brand: Honeywell

The items listed are all actually in keypad programming itself. You can program panel options like the Installer Code, and Exit Delay, but you shouldn't try to program anything menu driven (*56 zone programming, *79 Output Device Mapping, *80 Output Programming, etc.) as this keypad is incapable of displaying any of the menu prompts.
Question: does the 6151 permit any programming other than only the 7 items listed in the description? If I wanted to do other programming like changing the installer code, changing exit delays, etc, do I need to buy a different keypad?
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