Honeywell 6162V

Alphanumeric Voice Annunciation Programming Keypad

Honeywell 6162v alphanumeric voice annunciation programming keypad

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The 6162V will ensure that you know which zones are active. For those looking to have a talking keypad, this new 6162V fits the bill.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


Like it's older cousin, Honeywell's 6160V alphanumeric keypad, and the fixed English 6150V and 6152V these are the only annunciating keypads in the 6100 series. While the other keypads have a loud, built-in chime, in order to make the keypad announce the zone, these are a must have. Built with the rounded corners first seen in Honeywell's 6280 and Tuxedo Touch keypads, the 6162 is a huge improvement on the older 6160 keypads. Its interface is largely based on the successful UI featured on the TUX and Honeywell's all-wireless panel the LYNXTouch L5100.

While security systems have long been known to be wonky for end-users and difficult to learn the programming on if you aren't already familiar with the systems, these keypads seek to eliminate much of that. With non-installers in mind, the VISTA Intelligent Programming (VIP) user interface makes understanding what the keypad is doing much less confusing. Whatever task it is you would like to accomplish, whether it's arming, disarming, bypassing zones, adding zones, deleting zones, or anything else you'd like to program your system to accomplish is now easier than it has ever been.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have an older panel, these keypads are probably not compatible. In order to use the 6162 series keypads, your VISTA panel revision must be 3.16 or greater. You can upgrade your PROM chip, but until you do, you will not be able to take advantage of these incredible keypads.

Brand: Honeywell

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