Honeywell 947

1” Diameter Steel Door Recessed Contact with Leads

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The Honeywell 947 is a 1” diameter steel door recessed contact with leads. The 947 recessed door contact can be used with any wired alarm...
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The Honeywell 947 is a 1” diameter steel door recessed contact with leads. The 947 recessed door contact can be used with any wired alarm control panel and is intended to protect a steel door. The 947 is similar to the Honeywell 947-75 steel door recessed contact. However, the 947-75 has a 3/4” diameter recessed contact while the 947 is a bigger 1” diameter recessed contact. Also, the 947-75 has a magnet encased in plastic, while the 947 has a 3/8” diameter bare magnet that is 1” long. Just like the 947-75, you can order the 947 in white or brown. Choose whichever color matches your door frame. The white recessed contact has a part number of 947WH. The brown contact has a part number of 947BR.

The 947 steel door recessed contact was specifically designed to be used with a steel door. Steel doors typically are not compatible with recessed contacts because the magnet recessed into the steel door does not properly energize the internal reed switch of the recessed contact. The steel material of the door blocks the magnetic field and you can not maintain a normally closed circuit. However, steel door recessed contacts like the Honeywell 947 use a higher powered magnet that is not adversely affected by the steel door. When installing your 947 recessed door contact, make sure that magnet will not be further than 1/2” from the contact when the steel door is shut. If you choose to use the steel door recessed contact in a door that is not made of steel, the magnet can be as far away as 1” from the contact while still maintaining the normally closed circuit.

The Honeywell 947 steel door recessed contact has a Form A, SPST, normally closed internal reed switch with a contact rating of 100mA at 28VDC. Make sure to wire the 947 to an open zone on your alarm control panel and program that zone to be normally closed. You will need to splice the (2) conductor alarm wire from your alarm control panel’s zone to the 5’ zip cord coming out of the back of the 947 recessed contact. The 5’ zip cord has (2) wire leads to correspond with the (2) conductor alarm wire. If you would like to use a steel door recessed contact that uses terminal screws instead of wire leads, please look at the Honeywell 947-75T instead.

Brand: Honeywell

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Honeywell 947
Submitted on 10/22/2012 Ron L

Had a large steel door that I never protected with my security sytem because the magnetic switches never worked. I just had a heavy duty lock on it and trusted it would work. Now I used this switch and the magnet isnt blocked by the steel door. Fixed a problem I lived with for a long time.

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