When Would I Need a Honeywell Steel Door Contact?

If you have a door or window made from steel rather than your traditional wood, a lot of door and window contacts will not work properly. Oftentimes, they won't work at all. The solution is an extremely strong magnet such as the one included included in Honeywell's 947-75T sensor and magnet. The steel of the door makes less powerful magnets ineffective so that the system can't tell if the door is open or closed.

If you have a door like this, and can't figure out why your contacts aren't working, you may not need to replace the sensor altogether. A lot of times, all you will have to do is change out the magnet you are using and replace it with one of the magnets in the 947-75T, 947-75, MPS70WG, the 947 package.

Beware, however, if you have installed the 5800MICRA wireless door and window contact. For whatever reason, we have found that this sensor is finicky, and doesn't do well with the steel door magnets. If you would like a wireless contact that will work with these stronger magnets, we have found that the 5818MNL is a much better choice when trying to pair a wireless sensor to a strong, steel door magnet.

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If the frame is steel, it can affect the way the magnet and contact work together so we do still recommend using a steel door contact in that application.
Question, I see there are different sensor configurations for steel or wood doors but what about a wood door with a steel frame? Would I still need to use the steel door sensor?
Can you simply use a custom spacer to set the magnet off the door a bit so that the steel door won't drown out the magnet? The overhead contact should have an L-shaped bracket you can use to offset the magnet a bit but if you are as far from the door as the bracket will allow, I would try mounting the bracket to a block of wood affixed to the door instead.
What magnet do you recommend for a steel overhead door (commercial grade)? The "rail-mounted" contacts I am using will not close, even with the magnet within a 1/8" away from said contact. I believe the magnet is just losing its strength because they are mounted on the steel door. The contacts close properly (when using an ohm meter) when they are not attached to the doors. Please help as my job is on line because of this issue! thank you

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