Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Length Cellular Antenna w/ 10 ft cable, VISTA & LYNX Touch compatible

Honeywell cell antsma indoor slash outdoor fixed length cellular

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The Honeywell CELL-ANTSMA is a cellular antenna designed to boost the cellular signal strength for a Honeywell VISTA or Honeywell LYNX Touch System. This can be very important for ensuring reliable and consistent communication. Improve the cell signal for your panel with the CELL-ANTSMA.
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The Honeywell CELL-ANTSMA Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Band Cellular Antenna is used for boosting the cellular signal strength for a Honeywell VISTA or Honeywell LYNX Touch System. It works with LTE and 3G cellular signals for ensuring that the security system communicates more reliably.

The low-profile cellular antenna can be used indoors or outdoors, and it includes everything needed for mounting. Its multi-band nature lets it work with both LTE and 3G networks for radios compatible with Honeywell VISTA and Lynx Touch panels like the L5210 and L7000. The compatible communicators include the LTE-XV, LTE-XA, iGSMV4G for VISTA's and the LTE-L57V, LTE-L57A for the Lynx Touch. Overall, it is an excellent device for boosting a system's cellular signal strength and ensuring proper communication with AlarmNet360 and a central monitoring station.

Please Note: The antenna is of fixed length, and its size cannot be adjusted during the installation process. Also this will not work with Honeywell Lyric communicators.


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