Honeywell VISTA Series

​The Honeywell VISTA Series is a lineup of hardwired alarm control systems. These systems serve as central hubs for security setups. Their main draw is that they can be customized with various add-ons as needed, and they can be set up to control multiple partitions. Buy a Honeywell VISTA System here.
Honeywell VISTA-250BPT - Commercial Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell VISTA-250BPT
Commercial Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $868.00
Our Price: $569.99
Honeywell VISTA-128BPT PCB - Commercial Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell VISTA-128BPT
Commercial Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $596.00
Our Price: $388.99
Honeywell VISTA-20P - Wired Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell VISTA-20P
Wired Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $222.00
Our Price: $145.59
Honeywell VISTA-15P - Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell VISTA-15P
Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $200.00
Our Price: $131.99
Honeywell VISTA-21iPLTE
Internet Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $330.00
Our Price: $215.99

Honeywell VISTA Panels are hardwired systems that can each serve as a great foundation to a home or business security setup. These panels are best used when a hardwired setup is desired. The security system will essentially be integrated into the building, with virtually every add-on requiring some type of wired connection. This can provide a sense of comfort and security for some users in knowing that their setup is completely hardwired and not prone to any sort of wireless hacking. An entirely hardwired setup will also ensure that no batteries ever need to be replaced on the panel or the sensors. However, the initial setup will be significantly more difficult than with a wireless system.

Hardwired sensors can readily interface with a VISTA System. The number of zones supported by the system will depend on the exact model of panel that is being used. For example, a VISTA-20P will support a maximum of 48 zones (using 4 or 5 zone expanders), while the VISTA-15P can only support a maximum number of 22 zones (using 2 zone expanders). Wireless sensors can also be used, but a wireless receiver will need to be added. Most users who want to add wireless functionality to a Honeywell VISTA System do so with an external keypad that includes an integrated wireless receiver. One example of such a keypad is the Honeywell 6160RF. Standalone wireless receivers are also available.

Another reason that people continue to add new Honeywell VISTA Control Panels is for their ability to support multiple partitions. This allows users to disarm and control a specific partition, or section, of the entire security setup, while other partitions remain armed. The Master User can assign different user codes access and authority over different partitions as needed. This is particularly useful for larger businesses or properties where certain sections of the building might need to remain armed while others are disarmed. It is important to note that partition support varies between panels. For example, the VISTA-15P does not support multiple partitions. However, the VISTA-128BPT, which is a more robust commercial panel, can support up to eight different partitions at any given time.

The key with VISTA Panels is that various add-ons are needed. First and foremost, an external keypad is needed to control the system. We recommend using an alphanumeric keypad, such as the 6160RF. This will allow the user to perform all the necessary programming functions for the system. As stated earlier, a wireless receiver is need to use wireless sensors. If the user wants to add any Z-Wave home automation devices, then a Z-Wave controller must be added. This can come in the form of a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad or a Honeywell VISTA Automation Module. Finally, most VISTA users upgrade the system with an IP and/or cellular communication. IP or cellular connectivity is necessary for syncing a Honeywell VISTA System with Honeywell's Total Connect service. This is the only way for a user to receive mobile alerts regarding any system events for their VISTA System.

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