Honeywell CDMA-L57

Verizon Cellular Communicator for the L5210 & L7000

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The Honeywell CDMA-L57 is the first AlarmNet cellular communicator for the LYNX Touch panels that supports the Verizon (CDMA 1X RTT) cell...

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The Honeywell CDMA-L57 is the first AlarmNet cellular communicator for the LYNX Touch panels that supports the Verizon (CDMA 1X RTT) cellular network. Traditionally, AlarmNet cellular modules used SIM cards that relied on GSM technology on the AT&T cellular network. Honeywell has been guaranteed CDMA-1x coverage from Verizon until 2022.

The CDMA-L57 is designed specifically for the LYNX Touch L5210 and L7000 panels. They must be Revision 8 or higher. If you have a revision 7, L5210 or L7000 you can get a firmware update via WIFI. This requires the Honeywell L5100-WIFI which can also be used in dual path setup as a primary communication path. If you have one of the earlier LYNX Touch systems such as the L5000, L5100, or L5200 you will need to upgrade the system to the L5210 or L7000.

LYNX Touch owners can now choose between the Honeywell 3GL (AT&T) and the CDMA-L57 (Verizon) for cellular communications. Depending on which network has a stronger signal in your area you now have a choice. This makes the LYNX Touch series security systems more versatile when it comes to optimizing the communications out to your central station monitoring provider.

Unlike the AT&T network, Verizon's CDMA network does not use SIM cards. Instead the modules are hardcoded and can be activated remotely by an AlarmNet dealer. Just like any other module for the LYNX Touch family, this unit connects directly to the board by opening up the keypad. It is mounted just left of center on the board. There is a multi-pin connector used a mating chip to connect cellular module with the proper port on the board. Always power down your panel before installing new modules with your panel.

The CDMA-L57 will transmit and receive signals from the AlarmNet server. This is owned, operated by Honeywell and uses AES encryption to ensure secure communications with your security system. Depending on the service you sign up for, AlarmNet cellular radio will support traditional central station monitoring and self monitoring via Total Connect 2.0. Essentially the signals are sent from the panel to AlarmNet. Then they can be redirected to the TC 2.0 app and/or central station operators that are trained to verify the alarm and dispatch the authorities when needed.

Just like the 3GL, the CDMA-L57 can serve as a primary communication path or a redundant path to a WIFI connection via the L5100-WIFI. Either way, cellular communications are the most reliable way to monitor an alarm system. In the event of power loss, the system can use the backup battery to transmit signals. Generally the cellular data is bundled into the monthly rate for monitoring. That way you pay one flat rate that includes everything.

If you are in an a situation with marginal to poor signal for Verizon and AT&T I recommend using a cellular amplifier. Antennas are a good solution when you have good signal just not exactly where the panel is. ZBoost and WeBoost make quality cell amps.

Brand: Honeywell

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Bill, no, the cellular communicators are only meant to be used to communicate through AlarmNet to a Central Station. They can't be used to call you directly. You can, however, setup Total Connect 2.0 service which can notify you via text, email, or push notification when events happen on your system. You can either use this in lieu of central station monitoring, or in addition to it, depending on the plans made available by your alarm company. Alarm Grid's cellular based monitoring plans start at $25 per month with no contract.
Honeywell L57 panel. Can it be set up to call my cell phone
I always recommend going with the LTE radio when possible but Honeywell has not released an LTE version cellular communicator for the Lynx Touch series as of now. With that said, this is the first I have heard about CDMA being phased out by 2019. Verizon has not officially announced a sunset date and it seems that both of the articles are pointing to a statement made back in the summer of 2016. My guess is that this will pan similarly to the AT&T 2G sunset where the date got pushed back several times. However we will be sure to blog about the release of an LTE based radio for the Lynx Touch panels if/when they become available.
Is it still prudent to use Verizon's CDMA network which is in the process of being retired? I was debating on which cellular platform to use AT&T's or Verizon. I'm a Verizon customer and I live in a somewhat remote (or wooded area) in New York (North Salem) where signal strength is sporadic probably due to trees and terrain. I have a good sense of how strong the signal strength is with Verizon (which is why I was leaning towards Verizon), but not with AT&T signal strength --so my choice for a cellular back up to my WiFi is to buy either the module compatible with Verizon's CDMA network, which is CDMA-L57 or AT&T's Honeywell 3GL. I'm concerned with Verizon's planned CDMA shutdown in December 2019 (that's 2 years from now) if this module (CDMA-L57) should also be retired and future customers steered towards the Honeywell 3GL?
This is a Verizon 3G cellular unit and currently there are no 4G units available for the L7000. However, the difference between 3G and 4G is only speed and an alarm system certainly doesn't need 4G speeds as it's only sending small amounts of data. As for the question about activating the unit, that would be handled by your alarm company and they pay for the SIM card data charges and wrap the cost into the monthly monitoring rate. Did you see we offer no-contract service online at
Would I need to add the Honeywell CDMA-L57 to my Verizion plan to use for dual path or is this handled by the monitoring company? Also, does this communicator support 4G on Verizion or is there a Communicator for the L7000 series that does?
The Honeywell dealer will need to push the firmware update from the server. Are you monitored by us?
i have an active communicator I just wasn't sure if I could do it myself.
You would have to have an active communicator with a company providing you with AlarmNet service. Are you active with anyone now? If not, we have no-contract plans available online at
How can I update the revision on my Lynx 5210
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