Honeywell FG701

Glass Break Simulator

Honeywell fg701 glass break simulator

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The Honeywell FG701 is a glass break simulator used for testing the reliability and installation effectiveness of glass break detectors. ...
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The Honeywell FG701 is a glass break simulator used for testing the reliability and installation effectiveness of glass break detectors. The FG701 produces loud sounds that simulate the frequency of broken glass, causing the activation of any nearby glass break sensors. It is recommended to test glass break sensors frequently, during installation, and if you have any changes to the acoustic environment such as adding or changing window coverings. The FG701 is compatible for testing Honeywell’s full line of FlexGuard glass break sensors. As a precaution, never operate the FG701 near somebody’s head or ears as the loud noises produced by the tester could be hazardous to hearing at close range.

To ensure accurate testing with the FG701, Honeywell FlexGuard glass break detectors must be set to test mode. To activate the glass break sensors test mode, stand within 6’ of the sensor with the FG701 set to ACTIVATE and MAN (manual). Press the RED button for the ACTIVATE sound with the FG701 pointed at the glass break sensor. The green LED will flash once per second, indicating that the glass break sensor is in test mode. You can now switch the ACTIVATE switch to TEST, and use one of two testing modes, MAN or FLEX. When in FLEX mode, press the red button and then gently tap a window with a soft tool next to the FG701. This will cause the simulator to respond with broken glass audio, which should trigger any glass break sensors in range. In the manual mode, the FG701 can be used to produce audio that will assist you with testing the range of your glass break sensors.

The FG701 is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, and will announce a low battery status when it is in need of replacement. When a window is broken, many factors can contribute to the type of sound created, from the type of window, to the object used to break the glass, how much force is used, or even other objects such as sound dampening curtains. No glass break tester or simulator can account for every possible situation, however the Honeywell FG701 is designed to test a worst-case break situation.

The recorded glass breakage sound that is played is carefully calibrated in the FG701 to accurately simulate an actual broken glass event. Room characteristics play a large part in the range of a glass break sensor, and the Honeywell FG701 tester is a good indication of the range and reliability of your glass break sensors.


Does what it does
Submitted on 10/06/2012

This product helped me get the job done, and my glass breaks all got placed in the right spot. If you are on your own, and need some installation help, this site has great resources. But this glass break simulator does an amazing job of making sensor installation a snap.

Yes, the FG701 is compatible with the SIXGB, according to Honeywell's MyWebTech.
Will this work with the new SIXGB detector?
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