How High Should the Honeywell FG730 Be Mounted?

The Honeywell FG730 should be mounted roughly level height to the glass that is being monitored. The sensor can also be mounted on the ceiling in most cases. What's most important is making sure that the FG730 has a direct line of sight to the glass and that the glass is within range.

Honeywell fg730 dual tec glass break detector

The Honeywell FG730 is a hardwired glass break detection sensor that works with many types of windows and protective glass casings. It has a detection range of up to 30 feet. The sensor listens for both the low pitched "thud" of an object striking against the glass, as well as the high pitched "shattering" of the glass breaking. It must hear both sounds to activate. This is important for preventing false alarms.

Glass break sensors have finely tuned microphones that need to have a direct line of sight to the window or casing they are monitoring. If there are obstacles like heavy curtains or blinds between the sensor and the protected glass, then the microphone might not be able to pick up the sound, and the sensor might not activate. The FG730 is no exception, and it needs to be able to hear both the object striking against the glass and the glass being broken.

The best way to ensure that your Honeywell FG730 device activates is by making sure it has a 30-foot or less direct line of sight with the glass being monitored. If you position the device strategically, then you may be able to monitor multiple windows. As for height, it is best to have the device roughly the level of the window or casing. This will help it detect the sound most easily. The ceiling is also a great option, as long as the glass is less than 30 feet away from where the FG730 is mounted. Having a direct line of sight is what's most important in ensuring proper operation.

But it is advised that you have the glass break sensor mounted at least at the height of the glass being monitored. Having the sensor too low to the ground can make it harder for its microphone to hear the glass breaking. It might still work, but it is generally more reliable to have the sensor mounted at a roughly equal height or mounted even higher up. You can certainly test the sensor using a glass break simulator to determine an optimal mounting height. For testing the FG730, we recommend the Honeywell FG701.

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