Honeywell FG730

Dual Tec Glass Break Detector

Honeywell fg730 dual tec glass break detector
  • Honeywell fg730 dual tec glass break detector
  • Honeywell fg730 inside dual tec glass break detector

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The Honeywell FG730 is a dual technology glass break detector which listens for the frequency of broken glass, protecting all windows wit...
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The Honeywell FG730 is a dual technology glass break detector which listens for the frequency of broken glass, protecting all windows within its range. The FG730, equipped with Honeywell’s FlexGuard technology is the most popular glass break detection sensor in the security marketplace. The FG730 detects and confirms both “flex” (impact) and “audio” (shattering) frequencies, allowing it to analyze an event that accurately simulates a breaking window rather than other similar noises. Both flex and audio signals must be detected within a specified time frame, cutting down on the potential for false alarms.

With a range of 30’, the Honeywell FG730 sets the industry standard for glass break detectors, and provides excellent catch performance, while virtually eliminating false activations. The FG730 easily installs with a four wire connection, two wires for zone data, and two wires for the alarm system’s 12V auxiliary power circuit. The FG730 draws 25mA of power. The FG730 will protect all glass within range that is at least 11” x 11” and framed within a wall of the room. Laminated and sealed insulating glass will only be protected if all panes of the glass are shattered by the break. The Honeywell FG730 will protect plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated and sealed insulating glass types up to a maximum thickness of 1/4”. Remember when installing the detector that while one FG730 can protect many windows within its 30’ range, acoustic conditions of the room can affect the range. Also consider the effect of any window coverings, especially heavy drapes which could dampen the sound of shattering glass.

Glass break detectors are ideal for protecting interior areas of a home or office. In a home security setting, glass break sensors allow you to arm you system in stay mode, be able to walk around your house, and still have full perimeter protection. Protect your windows before an intruder is able to enter the premises with the FG730. It is recommended to test the Honeywell FG730 glass break detector after installation and on an annual basis with the FG701 glass break simulator.


The green can go to C and the white to NC. On the panel end, the green can go to low and the white to high. If you have an EOLR input type you will need to wire a 2K resistor in series between the white and the NC terminal or the high terminal. For NC input type no resistor is needed.
Hi, My FG-730's just arrived from you. Replacing my old BGE ones. Power is obvious, red + and black -. For NC hook up, do I connect one wire to NC terminal and the other to C? Does it matter which of the two wires go where (I think on the panel there is a hi/lo)? Its been years since I hooked up my Vista 20p panel and I forgot all this stuff. In fact I never had the old glass breaks connected to it because I remember them not working on the day I installed everything and I left them as something to do later and then just never got to it. I am guessing the convention would be green to common and white to NC since I have a white and a green wire coming from the wall. Also - if you don't mind giving me the panel side hookup instructions that would be great too.
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