Honeywell IS2535

Pet Immune Motion Detector

Honeywell is2535 pet immune motion detector

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The Honeywell IS2535 is a Pet Immune passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The IS2535 motion detector provides interior protection for ...

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The Honeywell IS2535 is a Pet Immune passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The IS2535 motion detector provides interior protection for both home and business security applications. Compatible with most hardwired security systems, the IS2535 is ideal for use with Honeywell’s Vista line of wired alarm control panels. The IS2535 is also sensitivity selectable with two modes of pet immunity, one for animals up to 40 lbs. and another mode for animals up to 80 lbs.

Like all Honeywell hardwired motion sensors, the IS2535 connects to the alarm system via a four wire connection, two wires for the panel’s auxiliary 12V power circuit, and two wires for the zone data. For your convenience, the IS2535 can be corner, wall or bracket mounted, allowing you to direct the field of view in the optimum direction for maximum coverage. Recommended mounting height for the IS2535 is 7.5’ to 9’ high. Aim the motion detector away from windows or heating and cooling devices, and avoid direct or reflected sunlight to cut down on the possibility of false alarms.

Make sure the area you intend to cover with the motion detector is in the direct line of sight of the IS2535. The coverage pattern extends outward in a 90 degree angle and extends to an area of 35’ x 40’. The Honeywell IS2535 can be set for different sensitivity levels using the dip switches located inside the sensor on the circuit board. Low and high sensitivity can be set, as well as immunity for an 80 or 40 pound pet. If the motion detector is not being used in an environment that requires pet immunity, it is recommended that you remove the factory installed pet immune lens, and exchange it with the included High Security lens. Additionally, sections of the lens can be masked, or blocked off to alter the detection pattern away from areas that may cause accidental activations or false alarms.

A red LED allows you to walk test the IS2535 and know when the PIR detector is activated, ensuring the device is set for the coverage pattern intended. The Honeywell IS2535 PIR motion detector is the ideal sensor for interior protection for wired home and business security systems. Providing a broad range of coverage and sensitivity features, the IS2535 gives every alarm owner the optimum combination of value and reliability.


Submitted on 04/09/2014

Great sensor; easy install; easy to adjust the sensitivity.

Submitted on 05/03/2013

they work exactly as intended. i have not had any issue with the 4 i am using.

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