What Kind of Battery Does a Honeywell IS2535 Motion Sensor Use?

There is no battery used by the Honeywell IS2535. The Honeywell IS2535 is a hardwired motion sensor that uses four (4) wires to connect with a wired panel. Two (2) wires are for power transmission, and two (2) wires are for data transmission. The sensor obtains all its power from the panel.

Honeywell is2535 pet immune motion detector

The Honeywell IS2535 is a hardwired, passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that offers pet immunity. Users can set the IS2535 for 40 pound pet immunity or 80 pounds pet immunity depending upon their needs. This is done using dip switches on the sensor's main board. Remember to mount the sensor properly for pet immunity. The recommended mounting height for this sensor is 7.5 feet to 9 feet high. The sensor has a detection area of 35 feet by 40 feet. A red LED light helps users with performing a walk test.

All motion detection sensors require some power for basic operation. However, the power needed is relatively small. The Honeywell IS2535 draws a maximum of 20mA during normal operation. The sensor can get this power directly from the panel. You just need to wire the power wires to the ECP bus on the panel. This is the same part of the panel that is used to power the keypads. You should take the 20mA maximum current draw into consideration when planning your system. While this is a small amount of power, small devices like this can add up if you use a lot of them. Eventually, you may need to add a separate power supply to your system.

In most situations, the panel will use a plug-in transformer to power itself and its connected devices. This works well the vast majority of the time. But if there is a power outage, then the system will need to switch over to its backup power source to remain powered on. This comes in the form of a backup battery. The backup battery slowly stores power while the system is running on transformer power. That will ensure that the backup battery is ready for any power outage. By using transformer power and battery power together, you can ensure that your panel and your Honeywell IS2535 Motion Sensor will remain powered on at all times.

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