Honeywell LT-CABLE - Universal Security System Power Supply Cable Reviews

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Submitted on 01/19/2013 Randy

I'm not an electrician, I don't know anything about stripping wires. I wanted to install my own security system because I didn't feel like paying an installer big money just to come in and do something I could do easily on my own. This made the entire process super super easy.

Submitted on 11/07/2012 Arun Samuel

My Lynx 5000 came without the power supply and power cable. So, I ordered the cable from Alarm Grid. The installation was a no-brainer. Pretty straight forward. Alarm Grid's service was excellent. Also, the company wrote me to find out about the product and the transaction.

Honeywell LT-Cable
Submitted on 10/08/2012 Marlene Beal

The Honeywell LT-Cable greatly simplified installing AC power to the unit. Thank you for publishing this information and for providing the ability for us to order the LT-Cable as we were struggling with why the Lynx Touch AC power plug would be packaged with the Lynx Touch unit without a connected power cord. is a great service for DIY customers. Thanks again.

Lynx 5100 & Power Supply Cable
Submitted on 09/19/2012 Eddie

i ordered the 5100 for myself as soon as it was available,read the instructions;did the wiring & all the other stuff --- LOVE THIS SYSTEM--- some family,friends & neighbors like it too. Have been asked to give advice for home security system. My answer is Lynx 5100 & "Honeywell LT-CABLE - LYNX Touch Power Supply Cable" Helped install one with a friend --- SIMPLE FAST EASY

LT-CABLE made my L5100 installation much easier!
Submitted on 09/11/2012 George Jones

I went with a wireless system because I don't like dealing with wires but the old l3000 still had to have a transformer. I cant tell you how much i struggled with stripping those damn lil wires. Now that Honeywell finally has a cable that makes connectng a transformer easy, I upgraded to the new Lynx Touch. The LT-cable is great for any DIYer.