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Honeywell mps51c overhead door contact
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The Honeywell MPS51C is an overhead door contact that can be used with any wired alarm control panel. Overhead doors can be hard to prote...

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The Honeywell MPS51C is an overhead door contact that can be used with any wired alarm control panel. Overhead doors can be hard to protect due to the nature of how an overhead door open and closes. Traditional door contacts do not usually work to protect an overhead door so you must use a special overhead door contact like the MPS51C instead. Overhead door contacts have been specifically designed to work with overhead and roll up doors commonly found in garages and warehouses. The MPS51C consists of a metal encased contact switch and a magnet with an adjustable L bracket.

To install a Honeywell MPS51C, you simply attach the magnet bracket to the bottom corner of your overhead door and drill the contact into the floor of your garage or warehouse. You must make sure that when the overhead door is closed, the magnet is within 2” of the contact as the MPS51C has a standard gap of 2”. With a wide magnet gap of 2”, the MPS51C will not trigger an alarm if the overhead door moves slightly from the wind or someone rattling the door from the outside. Only when the overhead door actually opens up will an alarm be triggered. The 2” magnet gap helps reduce false alarms and allows you to install the overhead door contact more easily.

Once the MPS51C overhead door contact is installed, all you need to do is wire the device to your alarm control panel. The MPS51C has wire leads which you can use to connect to your zone wiring. To protect the wiring, the leads are encased in a 24” armored cable. The armored cable keeps someone or something from accidentally damaging the wire.

The contact switch for the MPS51C is a Form C, SPDT, internal reed switch. As the contact is Form C, SPDT, you can wire the MPS51C to a normally closed or normally open zone circuit depending on what type of contact you alarm control panel requires. You can even wire the MPS51C to a Honeywell 5816 wireless transmitter if you do not want to wire the overhead contact all the way back to your alarm control panel. You would connect the MPS51C normally closed wires to the internal terminal screws on the 5816 and when the overhead contact detects an alarm, the 5816 would send the alarm signal wirelessly back to the wireless receiver of your VISTA Series alarm control panel. The Honeywell MPS51C contact has a rating of 300mA at 30VDC.

Brand: Honeywell

Excellent Industrial Contact!
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell MPS51C is an overhead door contact that has since been discontinued. However, if you come across a used model somewhere, don't be afraid to give it a shot. These are high-quality, long-lasting contact sensors that are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use. You can expect this sensor to withstand repeated use, even in the most demanding of settings. It is great for use on overhead doors, garage doors, and more. We really like this sensor, and we give it a perfect 5 Star rating.

Hardwired door contacts like the Honeywell MPS51C are extremely simple and effective devices. They are very easy to wire, and they can be readily used with wireless transmitters if needed. Remember, a wired contact is a purely mechanical device that does not require any electricity. This makes them very straightforward and easy to set up. For added durability, the wire leads are encased in 24" armored cable. This is a Form C contact, meaning that a NO or a NC wiring configuration can be used. We also appreciate the fact that this contact allows for a large magnet spacing gap of two (2) inches. This makes it suitable for more industrial applications, including for use on overhead doors and garage doors.

There are not many downsides to the Honeywell MPS51C. One issue is that it is discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. You will likely only find used models elsewhere. There are plenty of newer models available. But with this being an extremely simple device, don't expect the newer models to really offer any flashy upgrades. We must also admit that the design of the Honeywell MPS51C is somewhat dated and ugly. But for industrial use, that isn't very important. Overall, this an outstanding industrial grade contact, and you will not be disappointed with its performance. It gets 5 Stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: Simple & Effective, Does Not Use Electricity, 24" Armored Cable, Form C, Built to Last

Bad: Discontinued, Ugly Design

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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