Honeywell Vista 15P PROM

Upgrade chip for the VISTA 15P

Cropped honeywell vista 15p prom chip for a vista 15p upgrade
  • Cropped honeywell vista 15p prom chip for a vista 15p upgrade
  • Honeywell vista 15p prom upgrade chip for the vista 15p

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If you need to upgrade your VISTA 15P so that it can be made to work with Total Connect, the 15P PROM is what you're looking for.
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Upgrading the VISTA 15P is very simple, though not always necessary. If you have an older VISTA 15P, and you want to add Total Connect 2.0 to it, you will want to take a look at the chip right in the middle of the panel. It needs to have version 9.12 or higher in order to be compatible with the Total Connect 2.0 service. It will read out WA15-9.12 if it is revision 9.12. Honeywell is constantly releasing newer systems so you could have a newer panel that is WA15P-10.23 for example.

If your panel is between revision 2.0 and 9.12, upgrading the panel is simple. This PROM chip is all you need. If your panel is older than revision 2.0 you will need to swap in a new system since those earlier revisions do not support prom chip swaps. Generally the PROM chips require that end-users purchase a communicator kit. Alarm Grid has made it possible to purchase the upgrade chip itself as a convenience to those who need to upgrade their panels but do not want to purchase a new communicator. Without this PROM chip, the only other way to upgrade the panel, is to purchase a new VISTA-15P. If you go that route, you will need to map over all of your control panel wiring and completely reprogram your system. The PROM chip upgrade does not require a system reprogram and will not affect any of your zone programming or user codes.

That said, if your old panel has no communicator, and uses a phone line, it may be worth considering the purchase of an AlarmNet communicator kit. Alarm Grid recommends the checking out the iGSMV4G-TC2 kit. If you AT&T service is not optimal in your area you can install the CDMA-X-TC2 kit.

Note: This product is for the latest version of the VISTA-15P PROM Chip. Even though the picture shows 9.12, you will receive the latest version.

Brand: Honeywell

Can I upgrade my 3.1 Vista -15P chip with a newer 20P chip so I can get additional zones for keyfobs?
It is cheaper that way! Thanks again!
Ok thanks for verifying. That panel can be prom upgraded and I recommend bundling it with a radio kit.
It is a 15P. Thank you!!
What exactly does the PROM chip read? WA15P-3.1? I just want to make sure it is a VISTA-15P and not a VISTA-15? As long as it is a VISTA-15P anything over revision 2.0 can be prom upgraded. There are bundled kits that come with the LTE radio and the prom chip: or
I have a Vista 15 with a rev 3.1, 2005 chip. Can I upgrade the PROM chip to be able to use an LTE cell or will I need to upgrade the entire panel?
Yes, your VISTA-15P version 9.12 system will support cellular communications. You could use the iGSMV4G ( ) if you wanted dual path (IP backed up by cellular) or you could use the GSMV4G ( ) if you aren't able to get an Ethernet connection to the panel location from your router. Once you have it installed, our Self Gold or Gold plans available at would both work with your setup.
Hello I have a honeywell 15-p and use a phone line. I looked at the chip and it says WA15P-9.12 is this chip OK to upgrade to cellar call out. If so what do I have to order from you to make this happen. I am going to go with your monitoring. Thank you
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