How Do I Update the Rev Chip on My Honeywell Alarm Panel?

You can update the Rev Chip on your Honeywell Alarm Panel by obtaining a new PROM Chip, powering down your system, removing the old PROM Chip, applying the one and then powering the system back on. Honeywell offers Rev Chips, or PROM Chips, for their VISTA Series Panels.

Cropped honeywell vista 15p prom chip for a vista 15p upgradeUpgrading your Honeywell VISTA Panel can be necessary for unlocking certain system features, including access to the Total Connect 2.0 service. This is done by replacing the Rev Chip, also referred to as a PROM Chip. Complete the following steps to update the Rev Chip on your Honeywell VISTA Alarm System:

1. Obtain a new chip. You must obtain a new PROM Chip to replace the old one. Alarm Grid offers VISTA 15P PROM Chips, VISTA 20P PROM Chips, and VISTA 21iP PROM Chips. Although it is technically possible to use the PROM Chip from a different VISTA Series Panel, we recommend obtaining a PROM Chip that is specifically designed for your system. This will ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

2. Power down the panel. Disconnect the backup battery and unplug the system transformer to power down the panel. Make sure the keypad is completely blank before continuing.

3. Remove the old chip. Locate the PROM Chip on the VISTA System. Then use a thin object to carefully pry off the old PROM Chip from the panel board. The metal portion of a binder clip is great for this task. You will typically need to pry off each corner of the chip to remove it. If you are having trouble locating the PROM Chip, the picture below may be able to help you.

4. Apply the new chip. Take the new PROM Chip that you obtained in Step 1, and install it in the previous location of the old PROM Chip. Press down on the PROM Chip, and make sure that it clicks securely into place.

5. Power on the system. Reconnect the plug-in transformer to power the system back on. Then reconnect the backup battery. The upgrade will be automatically applied when the system powers back on.

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