Honeywell iGSMV4G-TC2

AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Honeywell igsmv4g tc2 inside alarmnet total connect 2 dot 0 upgr
  • Honeywell igsmv4g tc2 inside alarmnet total connect 2 dot 0 upgr
  • Honeywell igsmv4g tc2 alarmnet total connect 2 dot 0 upgrade kit
  • Honeywell igsmv4g tc2 prom chip

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This a bundled kit that comes with a dual path AlarmNet communicator and a PROM chip upgrade for Honeywell VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P alarm ...

This product is not sold by Alarm Grid at this time. As an alternative, we recommend:


This a bundled kit that comes with a dual path AlarmNet communicator and a PROM chip upgrade for Honeywell VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P alarm panels. The iGSMV4G supports internet and cellular communications. The internet is the primary path and requires a hardwired ethernet connection the LAN port of your router. The cellular portion of this device uses an AT&T 3G and 4G capable SIM card. The SIM is included with the product. The AT&T service is activated by your monitoring provider. Generally all cellular data charges are bundled into the monthly monitoring for flat fee.

This kit will include the latest revision PROM chip available by Honeywell. The Total Connect 2.0 interactive service requires revision 9.12 or higher on 15P and 20P alarm systems. If you have an older 15/20P, a PROM chip upgrade allows your existing system to support TC 2.0 and compass downloading (remote programming via IP or cell by your alarm company). Currently we are shipping revision 10.23 chips but as new revisions are released those will be sent out.

The beauty of the iGSMV4G is that it supports IP and cellular based communications. It leaves alarm owners with the most flexible situation. You can choose to setup IP only service and save some money. Then if the internet connection starts having issues you can upgrade to a dual path setup. On the other hand, you can start with dual path and feel confident that your system will never lose communications with the central station operators.

Brand: Honeywell

We just received word on this today :)
Thanks for the heads up. Went back to Honeywell's site and I now see this there.
We've been patiently waiting for that option and are happy to say it just was released - We have a blog detailing the option at and while they only have it available for Verizon now, we hope an AT&T option will be coming soon. Are you a current Alarm Grid customer? Disqus doesn't share emails so if you are, please email so we can help you get switched over to the LTE-iV dual path Verizon communicator.
Are you aware if Honeywell has any plans on making a dual communicator with LTE? I am currently using a GSMX4G-TC2 and wanted to add IP monitoring. I know that they have the LTE-XA. If I went with that I would have to get something like an Envisalink 4 for the IP part. Not finding any other options.
Hi Richard, please email us at
I have a panel that was installed in 2001 that has a PROM marked WAV15-1.3. Below this number it reads Pittway 2000 Rev 2.1. The Tech from my monitoring company said I need a iGSM4G in order to interface with my new telephone service through my internet service provider. (I had a standard land line system before.) He didn't say anything about TC2. Can I upgrade this system using the iGSM4G? Do I need the TC2? Do I need to change the PROM? HELP!!
Hi Matt, Yes, it can be upgraded, any Vista 20P with revision 2.0+ can be prom upgraded. Also, did you see we offer no-contract alarm monitoring plans online at We fully support the Vista systems and Alarmnet services that gives you access to Total Connect 2.0 and would love to help you out if you're interested. If you are, please email or give us a call M-F 9-8 EST at 888-818-7728.
I have a panel installed in 2006 that has a PROM marked as "WA20P-5.2". I believe this indicates that I have a Vista 20P with version 5.2 and could be upgraded using the iGSMV4G-TC2 kit. I'm currently using a traditional phone line for central station monitoring and would like to use this kit to move to an internet-only monitoring (with the option for cell backup) and TC2. Can this "WA20P-5.2" panel be upgraded?
Yes that will be sufficient to work. You would exactly need Plenum since it higher rated wire than you would need but that would allow you to be able to wire it up. 23 gauge is just a tad thinner.
The video tutorial refers to 22/4 wire for wiring the communicator to the panel (I have Vista 20P equivalent). I checked Home Depot and they did not carry that size at all (meaning one cannot even order it). The closest size would be 23/4 plenum wire. But this is a reduction in size. Going to the closest *bigger* diameter would bring me to 18/4 wire, which likely be too big, considering that one slot may be used by 2 or more wires. Will 23/4 plenum wire be sufficient for wiring the panel and communicator?
Glad you were able to remove the PROM chip. Now that you have upgraded the chip have you taken a look at our non-contract plans:
Got it! Just pulling on the small binder clip wouldn't budge it, so I had to insert a tool through the binder clip and brace it on the board to give me a fulcrum and leverage to pry the chip and the socket apart. Whew! Thanks for the help.
There are a few but a Vista 20P can do a prom chip upgrade
Thanks. Yes, I’ve tried small and medium binder clips in the manner you suggest, and now a specialized chip puller, although it’s too wide to fit flat in the slot, so I was trying it at an angle. I’m familiar with pulling chips in other contexts, but this one isn’t budging. I’m backing off as I start to put too much stress on the board, so I don’t break anything. I have a WA20P-5.2, copyright Honeywell 2006, REV 5.2 so that seems fine. The socket is black - do you think there could have been some boards made with non-replaceable chips, to reduce the cost of the board? If you insert the portion outlined in red in the upper right corner of the IC chip slot, you can lever the chip out fairly easily. You can also take two of these clips, put one in the upper right corner, and the other in the lower left, and lever both at the same time. You can see that in this video:
I tried a small and a medium one. I’ll take another look.
What size the binder clip? The medium size is a perfect fit if you take the angled edge and insert it into the corner of the prom housing with the slot. If that does not work you can always get a PROM extractor. Unfortunately we do not currently sell one.
I bought the iGSMV4G-TC2 combo kit, but when trying to replace the prom, the old one doesn’t seem to want to come out, and I want to make sure I don’t damage the panel. i’ve tried the blinder clip approach, but not any type of specialized chip puller yet.
Yes it is! Here is a link to our store: You can search for parts within our store by simply plugging it into the search bar. You will notice that Alarm Grid is listed on the search bar on the left.
Is this the same item?:
We bundle cellular data charges into our monthly plans which is why the cellular based plans are a bit more expensive. We register the SIMs and activate service. Then we pay monthly cellular charges to the carriers. All you do is pay your no contract flat rate for the service you need. You will need to choose a gold level plan for cellular monitoring. Check out our plans here:
Do you have an existing cellular or internet communicator? If not you will need the IGSMV4G as well as the PROM chip upgrade to get you above revision 9.12 which is required for Total Connect 2.0. I recommend getting the kit which comes with both parts you need. Check out our FAQ for wiring the iGSM4G to the VISTA-20P: When you get the equipment you can reach out directly for free tech support as well.
Feel free to email me back directly if you wish. And one last question: If I get this kit or the CDMA kit, do I need to also engage ATT/Verizon for cell service too (incuring an additional monthly charge)?
Hi @sterlingdonnelly:disqus -- I'm in a similar boat as m0unds. I have a WA20P-7.0 (2009) chip and main board. I am considering your "self silver" or "self bronze" option. Do I need to purchase this board as well as the chip, or do I only need to do the chip upgrade to the 10.23 firmware version? Also, I installed and configured my system by myself, and I imagine that v10.23 has some new features and programming modes. How do I get information on that, so that I can program the new system correctly? Thanks!
Indeed it will!
Will this work for a Vista 20psia on the WA20PSIA Rev 7.0 to make it dual path monitoring and TC2 compatible?
Great, we look forward to working with you soon!
You are very welcome. We hope you consider using us for monitoring as we offer no-contract plans online at and we are experts on the Honeywell systems.
Yes, we have successfully PROM upgraded Protection One panels and your version should support the new PROM chip.
What is the actual full WA PROM number?
Sorry for the typo on this page Mark. We've updated as the Safewatch 2000 is a VISTA-20SE equivalent and the VISTA-20SE can't be PROM upgraded. You would need to fully replace the control panel with a new panel that does support TC2 (such as a VISTA-21iP).
You indicate above that this kit will take a Safewatch Pro 2000 and make it TC 2.0 compatible. Elsewhere on the site you say that this isn't possible. Can you clarify? Thanks from a loyal customer considering taking a second home off of ADT.
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