Honeywell VPLEX-VSI

V-plex Polling Loop Short Isolator


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The Honeywell VPLEX-VSI is a polling loop isolator that offers short and overload circuit isolation for device on a commercial polling loop panel. This is very helpful for identifying the polling loop branch affected by a short or overloaded circuit. Buy the Honeywell VPLEX-VSI from us.
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The Honeywell VPLEX-VSI Polling Loop Short Isolator is a module used for troubleshooting shorts and overloaded circuits on a commercial polling loop panel. If a short or an overloaded circuit occurs, the VPLEX-VSI trouble LED light will illuminate, and the defective branch will be isolated.

Once the affected branch has been isolated, the remaining V-Plex polling loop devices will continue to function as normal. Once the short or overloaded has been dealt with, the trouble light will go out, and the affected branch will resume normal operation. This provides indication that the issue has been corrected.

The module works with any Honeywell Panels that support a V-Plex polling loop. It can work without any hardware or software changes, and it receives power directly from the 2-wire polling loop and draws only 5 mA of current. It can be installed on any major or minor branch in any configuration. Unlike the 4297, the VPLEX-VSI does not have to wire directly to the polling loop. The input side of one VPLEX-VSI can be wired to the output side of another VPLEX-VSI. Make sure to observe proper polarity as well as any wiring limits or restrictions when installing the module.


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