Honeywell VISTA-128BPT

Commercial Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell vista 128bpt pcb commercial alarm control panel
  • Honeywell vista 128bpt pcb commercial alarm control panel
  • Honeywell vista 128bpt closed cabinet commercial alarm control p

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The Honeywell VISTA-128BPT is an alarm control panel powerful enough for any commercial application. The VISTA-128BPT is a member of the ...
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The Honeywell VISTA-128BPT is an alarm control panel powerful enough for any commercial application. The VISTA-128BPT is a member of the Honeywell VISTA Turbo Series of alarm control panels. VISTA Turbo Series alarm control panels have enhanced system performance and responsiveness. The speed of RS232 communications have been increased on all VISTA Turbo Series alarm control panels to provide a better user experience when integrated with WIN-PAK, Pro-Watch and other automation softwares. VISTA Turbo Series control panels also eliminate the need for some of the extra components and modules needed with the non-Turbo commercial alarm control panels to lower your cost and improve ease of installation. Another benefit of the VISTA Turbo Series control panels is that the VISTA-128BPT commercial alarm control panel is compatible with up to (6) touchscreen Advanced User Interface (AUI) alarm keypads such as the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch or Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI whereas the older VISTA-128BPE only supported up to (3) AUI alarm keypads. Finally, the Honeywell VISTA Turbo Series alarm control panels fully support AlarmNet’s Total Connect interactive service when paired with a compatible AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator. The non-Turbo alarm control panels only had limited Total Connect support.

The VISTA-128BPT alarm control panel supports (9) standard hardwired zones and up to (119) additional V-Plex® zones that use the integrated polling loop interface. Honeywell’s unique and patented V-Plex global polling loop technology has changed the game by providing inexpensive but high performance protection using a simple pair of wires. V-Plex technology allows you to use only (2) wires instead of (4) when connecting motion detectors and glass break detectors, or any other 4-wire protection devices. With V-Plex loops, you no longer have to run each 4-wire device all the way back to your Honeywell alarm control panel or use conventional 4-wire loops. V-Plex devices draw very little current and connect to your VISTA-128BPT alarm control panel with standard twisted pair wiring for power and data which means you will almost never need to add auxiliary power supplies with bigger commercial installations. The built-in Point ID feature provides fast and accurate information pinpointing exactly where an alarm event has originated. V-Plex is also scalable so that you can easily add new protection devices as your security needs change. The VISTA-128BPT provides economical zone expansion and unique point identification so Alarm Grid’s central station will know exactly which V-Plex device was activated in all alarm situations.

The Honeywell VISTA-128BPT also allows you to use Honeywell 5800 Series wireless devices when it is not economical or feasible to run wires through your home or business. By adding a Honeywell wireless receiver, you will be able to use up to (127) wireless zones with your commercial alarm control panel. Keep in mind that every standard hardwired zone or V-Plex zone used will reduce the number of wireless zones that can be added. The VISTA-128BPT commercial alarm control panel is different than residential alarm control panels like the Honeywell VISTA-20P because you can add (2) wireless receivers to produce a much larger range of wireless capability. This is an important feature upgrade as commercial installations typically cover a much larger area than residential installations. You can also break out your VISTA-128BPT zones over (8) independent partitions in case your commercial installation has different security needs throughout the different areas of your building.

The Honeywell commercial alarm control panel supports up to (150) user codes which can each be assigned to one of (7) different authority levels. For the more advanced commercial properties, the VISTA-128BPT alarm control panel can also be integrated with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control systems to provide even more user codes. The VISTA-128BPT supports V-Plex addressable VISTAKey access control modules for up to (8) doors and (250) cards. You can program your commercial alarm control panel with different open/close schedules to control when your VISTA-128BPT is armed or disarmed. To further control access to your business, you can also program access schedules to allow users access to the property only during preset times. The VISTA-128BPT commercial alarm control panel brings together advanced security and access control in one streamlined system.

As the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT commercial alarm control panel has so many different features and can be integrated with so many different systems, the programming is much more advanced than programming a low-end Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel. You will need an alphanumeric alarm keypad such as the Honeywell 6160 to complete the progrmaming of your VISTA-128BPT. Programming should only be attempted by advanced users that fully understand the VISTA-128BPT installation guide.

Brand: Honeywell ADEMCO

No, as V-Plex devices are "smart" addressable sensors, there's no need for end of line resistors to supervise those sensors.
I can't find a good place to post this, nor have I been able to find an answer... Do VPLEX loops with sensors like 4191SN or 4959SN require EOLR's? Thank you in advance.
You would need a Honeywell AlarmNet communicator (such as the iGSMV4G - ) and Total Connect 2.0 service if you wanted remote access to the system and alerts from the system. We offered Total Connect 2.0 without central station monitoring with the self monitoring plans at the bottom of our sign up page -
I already installed and fully configured Honeywell Vista-128bpt commercial device with my alarm devices. I want to know my alarm status in onsite and offsite via desktop PC/laptop. now I have some queries which has given below: 1. Is there have any software available that can fulfill my above requirements perfectly? If available Which software I have to buy? 2. If possible then I don't want to add any extra device with my vista-128bpt for this software purpose, if not possible then which device I want to add for getting the alarm status in onsite and offsite via desktop PC/laptop 3. I already heard about the WIN-PAK software. Is it only software or by running this software we have to add some extra device with vista-128bpt? Is this WIN-PAK software can fulfill my above requirements perfectly? 4. Can compass (Admeco) software can solve my above requirements? for running this compass software is there any extra hardware needed like admeco compass device? 5. Which cable I have to used for communicating between vista-128 bpt and computer. Generally, Which protocol you used for communicating the vista-128bpt device and computer. It would be kind enough if anyone give my queries positive result. Advance in thanks.
The V-Plex/Point ID is only for wired zones. Any wireless sensor on any Honeywell wireless system will use its own separate zone. We don't pre-program but we can program remotely for you once the system is installed and activated with us.
Does the built-in Point ID feature apply to the wireless devices? Also do offer pre-programming of systems?
If you need more than the 40 wireless zones a 20P offers, the VISTA-128BPT is one option. Another option is a LYNX Touch L5200 or L7000 panel as they support 63 and 79 wireless zones respectively which is more than the 40 wireless zones a VISTA-20P will support. If you choose the 128BPT, you'd just have to map the wiring from your existing keypads, wireless receiver, alarm communicator, etc to the new panel and then program the 128BPT to match your wiring and your wireless sensors. If you switch to a LYNX Touch, you'd have to use a 5800C2W converter module ( ) for your existing zones. Each 5800C2W supports up 9 wired zones and you can use multiple converts. Your existing keypads, sirens and wired smoke or CO detectors wouldn't work with this setup but there are wireless keypad, sirens and smoke/COs available. The number of wired devices you have now will depend on which option is least expensive. The 128BPT would be more similar to a 20P setup but the programming is more complicated. The LYNX Touch is a totally different type of system as it's an all-in-one wireless system but the programming and user interface is much easier and more user friendly compared to a 128BPT.
I need additional wireless zones beyond what my Vista 20p panel can support for my home. I am considering an upgrade to the Vista 128bpt. Since the 128bpt targets business applications instead of residential, is this a bad idea? Can I use my existing equipment? Will my total connect service be more expensive?
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