Honeywell WAVE2PD

Two-Tone Piezo Dynamic Siren

Honeywell wave2pd two tone piezo dynamic siren

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The Honeywell WAVE2PD is a two-tone piezo dynamic siren that produces a loud siren sound while drawing only a quarter of the current of s...
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The Honeywell WAVE2PD is a two-tone piezo dynamic siren that produces a loud siren sound while drawing only a quarter of the current of similar sirens. The WAVE2PD is a member of the WAVE2 siren series that due to its low current draw provides the opportunity to add multiple sirens to wired control panels with limited power output.

The Honeywell WAVE2PD is housed in an attractive and lightweight white shell that snaps open on a set of hinges for easy access during installation or maintenance. The easy to wire screw terminal block allows a two wire connection to the control panel without the need for soldering or splicing of wires. Depending upon which terminals you use when wiring the WAVE2PD, it can produce a steady siren sound, or a warble siren sound. The WAVE2PD produces an amazing 105dB sound at 1 meter while consuming just 120mA when in an alarm state. The low current draw allows you to connect multiple sirens to an alarm system output that could only handle one siren with an average current draw. It also allows you to use the WAVE2PD on control panels with very small auxiliary power outputs.

The WAVE2PD is an ideal siren for the Honeywell VISTA series. It will enable you to add multiple sirens in areas like garages, basements, and hallways, that otherwise might go without a sounding device. You can connect a number of WAVE2PD’s to a VISTA without the need for auxiliary power supplies and relays because of its low current draw. The WAVE2PD is also compatible with the LYNX series of wireless control panels. Because of the very low current draw required, you can use the WAVE2PD with the L3000, L5000 and L5100. Give yourself the protection of as many sirens as you need with the loud and versatile WAVE2PD dynamic piezo.

Brand: Honeywell

I can provide the dB ratings for each. The Wave2EX has 2 modes, low current mode, where it draws 60 mA of current and provides a 100 dB sound, and high current mode, where it draws 110 mA and provides 106 dB sound. The Wave2PD draws 120m A and provides 105 dB. Bear in mind that dB ratings are logarithmic, so each 10 dB increase is twice as loud as the previous, so 60dB is twice as loud as 50dB, so 105dB to 106dB is going to be quite a bit louder than 100dB. 110 dB is the threshold where most people begin to experience the sound as painful.
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