How Do I Connect A 5800WAVE To My 2GIG GC3?

Though the GC3 does not support the Honeywell 5800WAVE, it does support the use of a Z-Wave siren, or the use of an Open Collector output and low current siren, or the bell output combined with a relay, power supply, and high current sounder. Each of these options will be outlined below.

To add the Z-Wave siren*:

  1. Open the WA105DBZ-1, follow the instructions linked to attach the power wires, but do not plug the unit in yet.
  2. On the GC3, enter the Installer Toolbox by pressing the 2GIG Logo in the upper right of the Home screen, then entering the Installer Code (Default = 1561).
  3. Choose “System Configuration” then “Panel Programming”
  4. Be sure Q21 “Z-Wave Feature” is enabled.
  5. Be sure Q43 “Z-Wave Siren Mode” is set as you wish. Options are “Sound for Burglary and Fire/CO” or “Sound for Burglary Only.” Note, this setting will affect all Z-Wave sirens learned into the system.
  6. After making necessary changes press “Back” twice, and be sure to “Save” if changes were made.
  7. Follow Step 1 again to re-enter Installer Toolbox.
  8. Choose “Smart Home Settings”
  9. Choose “Add Devices”
  10. When the GC2 shows “Listening for Devices to Add” plug the siren into an outlet. When it powers up, it will be added to the GC3. You'll see "Adding Device" then "Device was added to the system" with an "OK" button to press. The WA105DBZ-1 will show as "Siren" GoControl WA105DBZ-1 Siren & Strobe with a Node ID.
  11. Once added, back all the way out of the Installer Toolbox, and test the siren by tripping an alarm.

*We are discussing the WA105DBZ-1 in particular because 2GIG lists it as compatible with the GC3 version 3.0.1 or higher, and we have tested it, and know it works. No other Z-Wave sirens are listed as compatible, but may be, though it would be trial and error figuring out which ones can be used.

To Add a Low Current Siren activated by the Open Collector output:

  1. Enter the Installer Toolbox by pressing the 2GIG Logo in the upper right of the Home screen, then entering the Installer Code (Default = 1561).
  2. Go to "System Configuration" then "Panel Programming".
  3. Scroll or jump to Q44. This is programming for Open Collector 1. There is programming and a terminal for Open Collector 2, but they are not yet supported in the latest Firmware (3.0.2) and are listed for future use.
  4. Choose from the following programming options. Good options may be 06, 07, 08, or 11:
  5. Back out of programming, making sure to "Save" your changes.
  6. Wire the sounder as shown, making sure not to draw more than 250 mA of current.
    To wire a high current siren using a relay and separate power supply, check out the instructions shown here.

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