Auxiliary Power Supply for PowerSeries NEO


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The DSC HSM is an auxiliary power supply designed for use with the DSC PowerSeries NEO Panels. The module can provide up to 1.0A of additional current. It features four high-current programmable outputs. It works with HS2016, HS2032, HS2064, and HS2128. Buy the DSC HSM2300 from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC HSM2300 Auxiliary Power Supply provides up to 1.0A of extra current for a DSC PowerSeries NEO Alarm System. This module is great if you need additional current to power a large number of sensors or keypads for your wired system. It works will all versions of the PowerSeries NEO.

Hardwired sensors and wired keypads typically get their power from a wired panel. The panel receives this power from a plug-in transformer. If the transformer does not provide enough current on its own, then you might add an auxiliary power supply to provide additional power. Power supplies like the DSC HSM2300 are also used to power sirens when the system cannot provide enough power on its own.

To provide the NEO Panel with power, the HSM2300 uses a 16.5VAC, 40VA transformer of its own. You will also want to add a backup battery to the power supply so that it can remain operational during an electrical outage. The module can be used with a single 12V 4Ah battery, a single 12V 7Ah battery, or two (2) 12V 7Ah batteries together. Consider the power needs for your panel when selecting a battery. Remember, more battery backup will be able to keep the power supply running for a longer period of time.

The DSC HSM2300 features four (4) high-current programmable outputs for driving devices like sirens or 4-wire smoke detectors that require additional power when activated. By programming the module with your NEO System, you can configure these outputs to drive your devices so that you do not need a separate relay. Up to four (4) HSM2300 modules can be used per NEO Panel. It includes status LED lights to assist with troubleshooting. The power supply should be housed inside a metal enclosure.

Brand: DSC

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