UltraTech 1240

Alarm Control Panel Battery Backup 12V 4.5Ah

Ultratech 1240 alarm control panel battery backup 12v 4 dot 5ah

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The Ultratech 1240 is a battery backup that can be used in all wired alarm control panels to provide up (24) hours of standby power in the event of a power outage. The 1240 is a 12V 4.5Ah sealed lead acid battery. It will keep your panel and connected sensors running until power is restored.​
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The Ultratech 1240 is a battery backup that can be used in all wired alarm control panels to provide up (24) hours of standby power in the event of a power outage. The 1240 is a 12V 4.5Ah sealed lead acid battery. It will keep your panel and connected sensors running until power is restored.

You can use the UltraTech 1240 with a Honeywell residential alarm control panel such as the VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP. Depending on how many devices are hooked up to the auxiliary power circuit of the alarm control panel, you may even be able to use the 1240 battery with the higher end commercial alarm control panels such as the VISTA-128BPT or VISTA-250BPT. The Honeywell installation guides for the listed alarm control panels call for a Yuasa model battery backup, but we have found the UltraTech to be a less expensive functional equivalent.

When wiring the UltraTech 1240 battery backup to your alarm control panel’s circuit board, make sure that all control panel wiring is complete and that AC power is present before connecting the battery leads. The 1240 will fit within your metal alarm cabinet and should sit flat on the bottom ledge. There will be red and black flying leads coming from the Honeywell alarm control panel with a spade connector at the end of each lead. Use the red spade lead to connect to the UT 1240 battery terminal marked in red and use the black spade lead to connect to the black battery terminal. If you ever need to remove battery power to the alarm control panel during troubleshooting or installation, simply remove one spade lead from the UltraTech 1240 battery. Make sure to always connect the battery after applying AC power to avoid troublesome low battery signals.

With the Honeywell residential alarm control panels (VISTA-10P/15P/20P/21iP), the system conducts a battery test every (3) minutes to see that a battery backup is connected. A low battery trouble message will be displayed if the battery test does not detect a battery. If your VISTA Series control panel is monitored, a low battery trouble signal will also be sent to Alarm Grid’s central station. In addition, the alarm control panel has a battery capacity test that runs for (2) minutes every (4) hours to measure the voltage of the connected battery. The battery capacity test begins (4) hours after any power cycle of the panel and after every time you exit from the programming mode. As with the other battery test, if the battery capacity test fails, a low battery message will be displayed and a low battery trouble signal will be sent to the central station. With the Honeywell commercial alarm control panels (VISTA-128BPT/250BPT), the simple battery test runs every (60) seconds to ensure a battery is connected. The more advanced battery capacity test runs every (4) hours. If the voltage of the 1240 battery backup drops below 11.5V, a “SYSTEM LOBAT” will be displayed and the keypad will beep rapidly. You can expect to need a new 1240 battery backup every 4-7 years.

If your Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel has more than 45mA of auxiliary current being used, and you are not using a supplementary power supply, you should use a battery backup with increased amperage hours. All devices that are wired to the ECP terminal of the alarm control panel will draw auxiliary power. You will need to total the current draw of each device attached to the ECP terminals to determine which battery backup is suitable.

Note: The dimensions for the UltraTech 1240 Battery are 3.8"L x 3.5"W x 2.75"D.

Brand: Ultratech

Great Battery!
Submitted on 07/08/2013 Preston Mainard

This is a great battery to purchase for my Ademco 20P. This was also the cheapest price! I would recommend this to anybody!!!

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3.5 inches W, by 3.8 inches H, by 2.75 inches D.
What are the dimensions of this battery, pls? (not including the terminal on top)
Yes, if you use the battery harness (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/ademco-sa5140-1 ). For the most backup run time, you'd be better off with one 1270 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/ultratech-1270 ) battery or two 1270's wired in parallel using the harness though.
can i use 2 of this batteries in parallel in a vista 20p panel?
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hi can you please help me I live in UK and I have installed Honeywell l7000 alarm system how can I control the system via internet with out montering. so I don't have to pay I have installed the Wi-Fi card in the panel which works ok or is there any software or 3nd party applications for Android or Apple os applications I can use to control the alram system remotely via internet please let me know my email is sam97can@yahoo.com thankyou
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