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Wireless Instant Switch

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The iDevices Instant Switch provides convenient connectivity with a compatible iDevices product. This way, you can wirelessly control your lights, fans or other devices from an easy to access spot in your home. Dimming capabilities are built-in. Buy the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch here.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The iDevices Wireless Instant Switch communicates with a compatible iDevices product and serves as a connected remote controller. This is great for setting-up a new access point for a device that is otherwise hard to reach. The Instant Switch can be wall-mounted for a tidy installation.

By using the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch, you can establish a convenient wireless wall switch that you can set up basically anywhere in your home. This will allow you to easily operate an iDevice switch, outlet or socket from that location. No wires need to be run, making set up a breeze. A great option is to pair the remote with outdoor lights so that you can control them with a switch from the inside. You could also use the remote with a switch or outlet that is installed high up or in an out-of-the-way room for faster access and control. All of the connectivity is conducted using Bluetooth technology.

DIY users will appreciate how easy it is to install the instant switch. There is no beed to cut any holes or run any wires. An included piece of double-side sided foam tape and custom faceplate allows the user to quickly place it wherever they decide is best. An integrated level helps to ensure precise installation. Alternatively, the user an install the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch in an existing multi-gang box. It fits any regular rocker faceplate.The remote remains powered using a CR2032 coin cell battery, and it has an average battery life of two years. Dimming capabilities are included. The device measures in at 4.33"H x 1.97"W x 0.31"D.

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