iDevices IDEV2010

Wireless Instant Switch & Outdoor Plug-In Switch

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The iDevices Outdoor Plug-In Switch is the ideal answer for setting-up outdoor electrical devices for smart access and control. Combining the switch with the iDevices Wireless Instant Switch can give you an easy access point for the module. This kit includes both devices. Buy the kit here.
  • Apple HomeKit

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The iDevices Outdoor Plug-In Switch with Wireless Instant Switch is the perfect way to control outdoor electrical devices with a convenient indoor remote control. This combination is great for outdoor lights and other electrical devices that need to operate in an outdoor environment.

By itself, the iDevices Outdoor Plug-In Switch already provides a convenient answer for many outdoor electrical. Its protective design keeps out moisture, so users will not have to worry about any rain, sleet or snow causing damage. Nearly any plug-in electrical device can connect and be used with ease. The module is also compatible with Apple HomeKit. This gives iOS users the ability to integrate the module with HomeKit scenes for automatic operation and to toggle connected devices on or off from virtually anywhere. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also compatible.

The Wireless Instant Switch that comes included with this package functions as remote controller for the Outdoor Plug-In Switch. This way, you can operate your outdoor devices from a mounted wall switch inside the home. The device does not require any wires, no holes need to be drilled, and a CR2032 coin battery provides a two-year battery life. Communication between the Instant Switch Remote and the Outdoor Plug-In is conducted using Bluetooth technology. Additionally, it can always be paired with a different iDevice module besides the Outdoor Plug-In Switch if desired.

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