Interlogix 60-880-95

Wireless PIR Motion Detector

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The Interlogix 60-880-95, also called the Interlogix NX-482, is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector for use with Interlogix Wireless...
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The Interlogix 60-880-95, also called the Interlogix NX-482, is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector for use with Interlogix Wireless Alarm Systems. It uses true curtain barrier detection that provides constant coverage from floor to ceiling. The sensor also features "undercrawl" protection for added security against educated intruders who may attempt to defeat the motion detection technology by crawling beneath a common detection height. The 60-880-95 is unique in that it makes use of patented "4D signal processing" in its detection scanning. The device uses these signals to detect an incoming infrared signature's size, speed and shape. If the detected energy signature matches that of a human, the device will activate and send a signal to the alarm system. Experts have applauded this sensing process for causing fewer false alarms and providing more accurate detection. This makes the 60-880-95 a great sensor option for users who are looking for advanced level intrusion protection.

At its core, the 60-880-95 still functions in the same basic manner as other PIR motion sensors. The device will look for changes in infrared energy and respond when large changes are detected. The difference is that with the 4D signal processing of the 60-880-95, the sensor can better recognize the energy signature of a human vs other environmental IR fluctuations. Using the device's included mirror inserts, four unique coverage patterns are possible with the 60-880-95. These are a full 90-degree pattern, a 45-degree left pattern, a 45-degree right pattern and a center curtain pattern. Alarm Grid recommends corner mounting this device for the 90-degree pattern and the left and right 45-degree patterns.

When installing the 60-880-95, a mounting height of 7.5 feet is optimal. The device should be looking diagonally downward in order to achieve the best possible coverage. Thanks to the device's included mounting plate, the installation process is relatively simple. The sensor features an adjustable coverage area of up to 10 by 50 feet and two different sensitivity settings (pulse count of 2 or 4). The sensor should not be mounted towards any windows, fire places, vents or ducts if possible. Although the sensor has been tested to work from up to 500 feet away from a panel in open air, it should be placed within 100 feet of the alarm system if possible. This will ensure the most reliable communication with the RF receiver.

Since the 60-880-95 communicates using a 319.5 MHz crystal transmitter, it will function with any Interlogix Simon System and any Qolsys System with a 319.5 MHz daughterboard. The sensor can be auto-enrolled with these panels while in the serial number field in zone programming. After installing and programming the device, we recommend performing a walk test to ensure that it has been set up properly. To activate walk test mode, simply remove the sensor cover and then reattach it. While in this mode, the device's LED light will activate whenever motion is detected. After two minutes, the 60-880-95 will automatically exit walk test mode. To re-enter this mode, just remove and reattach the sensor cover again.

Brand: InterlogixGE Security

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Highly Advanced Motion Sensor!
Submitted on 06/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix 60-880-95 is a wireless motion detection sensor that operates at the 319.5 MHz frequency. It is designed to detect movement or activity in a particular area. The sensor uses some advanced features like 4D Signal Processing and Undercrawl protection. This truly is a reliable and effective motion sensor that you can use with virtually any 319.5 MHz security system. But it also has some downsides, as it is known for being very pricey. And also the manufacturer, Interlogix is no longer in business in North America. But all things considered, this is a great sensor if you are willing to spend the extra cash. That is why we give it 5 Stars.

There are many things to like about the Interlogix 60-880-95. For one, the sensor is very easy to install and program, even for DIY users who are setting up their first system and sensors. The sensor is very reliable in detecting movement, and you can certainly count on it to effectively monitor your home or business. The 4D Signal Processing feature helps reduce false alarms by examining the size, speed, and shape of detected infrared energy to make sure it matches the typical energy signature of a human. The Undercrawl protection is also useful, as it allows the sensor to detect movement that occurs below. We also like the fact that the device allows for sensitivity adjustments by increasing or decreasing the pulse count.

There are some downsides to the Interlogix 60-880-95 that should be kept in mind. The sensor is very expensive, costing $116.99 at the time of this writing in June 2020. You can find many motion sensors with comparable performance for a fraction of that price. Also, since Interlogix is out of business in North America, it can be difficult to receive technical support regarding the product. But if you can overlook these factors, then the Interlogix 60-880-95 is a great product. It gets 5 Stars from us.

Good: Easy to Install & Program, Reliable, 4D Signal Processing, Undercrawl Detection, Adjustable Pulse Count

Bad: Expensive, Interlogix is Defunct

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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