Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-TM T-Mobile 3G Cellular Communicator for Concord 4

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The Interlogix GE-600-1053-4-ZX-TM is the 3G T-Mobile Communicator for the Concord 4. This communicator will allow the system to sync with the network. It will also provide Z-Wave functionality for the system. Purchase the Concord 4 T-Mobile 3G Celluar Communicator here.
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The Interlogix GE-600-1053-4-ZX-TM is a cellular communicator for the Concord 4 Alarm System. It connects with the T-Mobile 3G network. Over the next few years, 3G cellular networks will be discontinued in favor of the faster LTE networks. But for the time being, this communicator will provide cellular connectivity for a Concord 4.

However, Alarm Grid encourages users to future-proof their systems by choosing a more advanced LTE communicator. These LTE communicators provide faster speeds and a longer life expectancy. Cellular service providers have stated that they will continue to support their LTE networks for many years to come. There is currently a Verizon LTE Communicator for the Concord 4 that can be purchased on the Alarm Grid website.

By adding a cellular communicator to your Concord 4 System, it will be able to sync with the interactive service. This service can be used to arm and disarm the panel, check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave devices and more. Plus with the Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere. The Mobile App is readily available for free download for an iOS or Android device.

This cellular communicator also serves as a Z-Wave controller for the Concord 4 System. This will allow the system to work with Z-Wave home automation devices. Some common Z-Wave devices include lights, locks and thermostats. By creating Z-Wave rules and scenes on, a user can have their Z-Wave devices activate automatically or based on a specific schedule. This can make controlling these devices more convenient, and it can help a user save money in their energy bills.

It is important to remember that an alarm monitoring plan with active cellular service is required to use this communicator. Once you have this type of monitoring plan, your alarm monitoring company will be able to activate the communicator. Please note that the Concord 4 will need to be running software version 4.0 or higher in order to support this module. If the system is not running this firmware version, then an update will be required.

Brand: InterlogixGE Security

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