Interlogix SLX-AD-T3

FireFighter FF319 Wireless Smoke and CO Alarm Monitor


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The Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 is a takeover module that allows users to integrate an existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector with their 319.5 MHz wireless alarm system. This can eliminate the need to replace older life-safety sensors. Buy the Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 Takeover Module here.
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The Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 FireFighter FF319 allows a user to integrate an existing hardwired or conventional smoke detector or CO detector with their 319.5 MHz panel. This makes it perfect for use with Interlogix/GE alarm systems and compatible Qolsys Systems that use the 319.5 MHz frequency.

The way that a takeover module like the SLX-AD-T3 works is by actively listening for the sound of an activated smoke detector or CO detector. That way, even if the smoke detector isn't actually enrolled with the system, it can still be used as though it is. Once the SLX-AD-T3 detects the sound associated with a life-safety sensor, it will send a wireless alert to the security system to let it know of the situation. The system will then respond as if a normally programmed life-safety sensor had been activated. This can include alerting a central station for automatic emergency dispatch. For best results, the SLX-AD-T3 should be installed within six inches of the existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide sensor. But if the life-safety sensors are all interconnected, then a single SLX-AD-T3 device can monitor the entire building!

The important thing to remember about the SLX-AD-T3 is that it sends signals at the 319.5 MHz frequency. It can only communicate with panels that feature a wireless receive that support this frequency. However, if a user has a 345 MHz panel (Honeywell and 2GIG), they can use the Encore FF345 instead. This device will provide the same functionality as the SLX-AD-T3 but work at a frequency that is compatible with those systems. But keep in mind that both of these takeover modules can only be used with life-safety sensors that feature built-in sounders. This is because they need to be able to hear the sound of the device being activated. Life-safety sensors that do not have integrated sounders cannot be used in this type of manner. In order for the SLX-AD-T3 to activate, it must detect three separate temporal 3 (T3) sound patterns.

The SLX-AD-T3 is powered using a single lithium CR123A battery. It has an average battery life of four years. The device can be installed using the included mounting bracket. Alternatively, it can be mounted using double-sided foam tape to make the installation process easier. A piece of double-sided foam tape comes included with the sensor for this purpose. Make sure to place the system on test mode and test the sensor after installation. The sensor also features its own LED light that provides visual indication of its current status.


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