Leviton DH1KD-1BZ

1000 Watt Decora Smart Dimmer

Leviton dh1kd 1bz 1000 watt decora smart dimmer

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The Leviton 1000 Watt Decora Smart Dimmer is used for adding smart functionality to a set of dimmable hardwired lights. The module is compatible with Apple HomeKit. This offers remote operation functions and the ability to use Siri voice commands. Buy the Leviton 1000 Watt Smart Dimmer here.
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The Leviton 1000 Watt Decora Smart Dimmer provides smart operation to dimmable hardwired lights. The lights can be controlled directly from the module, or a use can control it through a smart platform. The module is compatible with Apple HomeKit and the Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer App.

Communication with these smart platforms takes place by connecting the Leviton Smart Dimmer Module with a local WIFI network. Through WIFI, the module will speak with any connected smart platforms. The compatibility with HomeKit is very exciting, as iOS users can control the device from anywhere. They just need to have access their iPhone or iPad. HomeKit will also allow users to control the device through Siri voice commands and integrate the module into various automated HomeKit scenes. No external hub is needed to complete this set up, as the smart dimmer is essentially a standalone device. It just needs to be wired in place of the existing light switch. Alternatively, remote operation can also be conducted through the Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer App. This app is also used for primarily setting up the device.

The Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer App also provides the ability to perform over the air (OTA) firmware updates for the device when needed. The module will support dimmable CFL and LED loads of up to 450 watts. For incandescent loads, up to 1000 watts can be supported. It will also support 1000VA for fluorescent ballast loads. The on/off LED light at the bottom of the device indicates status, while the brightness LED light on the left shows the current set level. Multi-location 3-way dimming can be achieved using a maximum of four remote units, model number DD00R-DLZ. For wiring, connections for hot, neutral, load and ground are needed. A traveler wire is optional, but required for multi-switch applications.

Note: Leviton also offers a 600 watt version for smaller applications.


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